Edmund Parker Management - A New Lifestyle and Concierge Company in London

Edmund Parker Management - A New Lifestyle and Concierge Company in London

Edmund Parker Management is a lifestyle and concierge company that caters to high net-worth private clients predominantly based in London. The service includes anything, from fixing a broken gutter on a London property to organizing a chartered flight to a ski chalet. We speak with Edmund Parker about his business:

What exactly is Edmund Parker Management (EPM) and what services do you offer?

We cater for high net-worth clientele in all facets of their busy lives. Our bread and butter is property management, however we have expanded into project and landscape management, travel and events, tickets and also cellar management. No job is too small. We are here to help.

Where did you get your idea for EPM and why did you start it?

I worked for a respected interior design company for over three years – as the odd jobs man, to begin with – then, more by accident than by design, I set up and ran their property management company. It was that concept that served as my initial inspiration, and so I took it and expanded it to create a business that manages high-net-worth clients, and their lifestyles, instead.

What is your mission?

We are striving to create perfection for our clients.

When did you start Edmund Parker Management?

EPM was born in September of 2020.

Why did you think September 2020 was a good time, given that it was in the middle of a pandemic?

Time doesn’t stand still because of the pandemic, and many of our current and prospective clients already have big plans for the year ahead. So, at Edmund Parker Management, we’re delighted to be able to lighten the load for them. Most of them live very busy lifestyles, and knowing that we can give them some more time to spend doing the things they enjoy feels great.

What clientele does your business look after?

Anyone who needs a helping hand. As I have said and will continue to say, NO job is too small and here at EPM we want to make the lives of our clients that much easier.

Are you currently working on any exciting projects?

We are about to start a renovation in Fulham which will look fantastic and there are some interesting projects in the pipeline that we are very excited about announcing - watch this space!

What do you hope to achieve with EPM by this year's end?

We hope to build a reputation that is trusted and respected. There are many ‘fixers’ out there who make people's lives much easier, however, we solve the unsolvable.

Has anything surprised you or challenged you unexpectedly since starting your business?

There are no surprises when it comes to challenging puzzles and problem solving. Every puzzle is different and if we became surprised - then I can tell you we would be out of business!

Have you had any help starting the business?

A little. I am lucky that I have wonderful people around me who are supportive and have given great advice. They have been through ups and downs of their own in the business world and I like to be a sponge in many ways and absorb as much information as I can to apply it to my own line of work.

How has EPM’s first few months been?

Very enjoyable. There will always be demand for the type of services we offer – even when travel plans and events have been put on ice. In fact, it’s thanks to our versatility and willingness to take on almost any task for our high-net-worth clientele that has meant we’re already seeing success regardless of the current global climate.

What advantages does EPM offer compared to other concierge and property management companies? What makes EPM different?

We pride ourselves on efficiency and being able to get to know our clientele on an individual basis. This means we are able to know exactly the types of needs/services that they require and when. Being able to execute to their level of perfection is key. I’ve always been known as a fixer. If my friends or family have a problem or an issue that needs dealing with, ‘ask Edmund’ has become their mantra. They know that I’ll be able to come up with a solution, and it’s this solution and outcome based approach to life that I’ve carried with me into my business.