Eluxit, A New Luxury Travel Resale Site Offers Solution to Non-Refundable Bookings

Eluxit, A New Luxury Travel Resale Site Offers Solution to Non-Refundable Bookings

Each year, countless non-refundable high-end travel experiences are canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Now, exorbitant fees and financial losses due to these cancellations are a thing of the past. Enter ELUXIT, an exclusive, first-of-its-kind resale marketplace launching online this month to shake up the global travel market for good.

Founded by Los Angeles–based travel industry expert, Bahar Schmidt, ELUXIT offers a StubHub- like model for next-level travel in which sellers recoup much of the cost associated with the purchased trips they cannot take, and buyers can acquire these high-end bookings at substantially more affordable prices. This means no more stress about non-refundable travel for travel agents and their clients and that these reservations can now be made available to a fresh segment of enthusiastic travelers.

“Throughout my more than 25 years in the luxury travel industry, I’ve seen cancellations of so many truly incredible experiences and so much wasted money, which motivated me to find a solution,” says Schmidt. “I’m thrilled to bring ELUXIT to the world, particularly during a time of so much uncertainty, when the need on both sides is even greater.”

ELUXIT is a novel solution to an age-old problem associated with high-end travel — these packages must often be booked far in advance, with non-refundable deposits and no last-minute options. Think once-in-a-lifetime cultural safaris, yacht charters and private jet experiences, plus sought- after accommodations, adventure tours, sold-out special events and cruises...for a fraction of the price. As an innovative digital travel marketplace, ELUXIT brings together buyers and sellers of these unique and prized experiences, benefiting both parties.

In addition to travel agents and their discerning clients, as well as those who aspire to afford dream travel experiences, even vacation destinations can benefit on ELUXIT by listing and selling otherwise empty rooms and generating secondary revenue on property. Additional features of ELUXIT include convenient, dedicated access to packages during the popular seasons, resulting in serious savings on last-minute packages. Safe, secure and smart, the ELUXIT platform is easy to navigate and complemented by 24/7 customer service. Peace of mind is a guarantee, as best-in- class agencies and travel professionals are screened carefully before being granted memberships to sell on the marketplace.