Enchanted Christmas Log at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Enchanted Christmas Log at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris
His new creation transforms the traditional Christmas log into an enchanting scene: Father Christmas and his team gliding gracefully over the table, impatient to be shared among guests.

Wearing his customary red hat made of sugar, Father Christmas guides his sleigh with golden reins over a lace-like milk chocolate base. Carved out of dark chocolate, the reindeer dance around a little group of fir trees decorated with silver leaves. The magical forest consists of a fine layer of delicately brushed green cocoa butter combined with dark chocolate to represent the trees’ foliage.

Each tree is a delicious surprise with a virtuoso array of flavours and textures. With a slight crunch to it, the dark chocolate covers a wonderfully light flourless biscuit, which melts into a white chocolate cream with a sweetness perfectly balanced by a homemade orange marmalade.

Decorated with a roasted caramelized cocoa bean lightly coated with chocolate, the marmalade complements a traditional light chocolate mousse.

“I like it when desserts are packed with flavors, especially when they represent a special occasion like the Christmas log. Contrasts are essential, but should never become opposites. That is the key to complex combinations of flavours,” said François Perret.

Enchanted Christmas Log will be available at La Bauhinia at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris from 5 to 25 December 2014. It is priced at 108 euros, for five people.

Available for take away when ordered 24 hours in advance by phone at (33 1) 5367 1998.

Visit website: http://www.shangri-la.com/paris/shangrila/