Energetic Exotics is Bringing a Life of Luxury to Everyone

Energetic Exotics is Bringing a Life of Luxury to Everyone

The age-old phrase "clothes make the man" may seem pedantic and cliché, but it houses within itself an undeniable truth: when it comes to first impressions, appearances are everything. Just as this remains true for one's clothing and immediate physical appearance, it is perhaps doubly true for one's vehicle. To arrive at an event in a run-down car makes a statement that you may not even be aware you're making.

Conversely, arriving in a ride of luxury and efficiency immediately sets the tone and can allow you to properly project an image of yourself that you are comfortable with. This is exactly why Marlon and Jessica Wentworth started Energetic Exotics.

Miami Living

Born and raised in Miami, Marlon Wentworth grew accustomed to a certain level of luxury. However, upon moving with his wife and business partner Jessica to her hometown of Tampa, FL, Marlon was surprised to see the lack of substantial luxurious living options available to those outside of his hometown. Even within the same state, Marlon Wentworth found Tampa to be sorely missing so much of what had come to define his lifestyle in Miami, especially when it came to cars. Thus, the Wentworths founded Energetic Exotics, a vehicle renting service that specializes in everything from concierge to chauffeurs to rentals and beyond.

What began with a sole Maybach Sedan S600V12, which the couple brought to Tampa to lease it out for chauffeuring and renal engagements, has since expanded into an entire fleet of luxury vehicles. With an influx of demand, the Wentworths quickly realized they were far from the only Tampa residents who felt they could use a bit more opulence in their lives. With additions such as Maserati Ghibli and a G-Wagon, the Energetic Exotics business only grew, servicing both the Tampa Bay and Miami areas.

Broadening Horizons

Now, the Wentworths are looking to expand even further and bring these luxurious lifestyle opportunities to cities across the state and beyond. As Marlon Wentworth explains, the Energetic Exotics experience is so much more than simply a car: "From our impeccable chauffeurs to our bespoke concierge service, attention to detail is ingrained in everything we do. We don't just offer luxury vehicles; we curate unforgettable experiences tailored to each client's desires."

As the business has expanded, so too has the company's palette of luxury items. In addition to vehicles, Energetic Exotics now also offers rentals of luxury vacation homes, global private jets, and jet skis, with "concierge services (that) include yacht experiences, elite hotel stays, and dining at extravagant restaurants, all tailored for unforgettable experiences."

Luxury at Your Fingertips

In this way, Energetic Exotics has allowed the Wentworths to not only stay connected to their Miami roots but also to bring what they loved most about the Miami lifestyle to cities near and far. As they say, "Our expertise lies in offering an exceptional motoring experience for those who desire the zenith of automotive opulence and exhilarating performance." With Energetic Exotic's array of options at your fingertips, you can be defined by so much more than mere clothes or cars; you can be defined by a life of genuine luxury.

Image Credit: Energetic Exotics
Article by Tom White