Essential Tools for the Modern Business Traveler

Essential Tools for the Modern Business Traveler

Anyone who regularly travels for business knows that the excitement of seeing new places and people also has a tinge of exhaustion to it. You need to arrange for plenty of things on your trip, and the home chores don’t go anywhere either — they are simply placed on hold while you linger on the plane. Well, no longer! Today's tech simplifies plenty of routine processes, including business travel. Below are the most useful tools that will make your trip as stress-free as possible. 


TravelPerk is an all-in-one platform for booking trips and planning itineraries. The website and the app, compatible with multiple operational systems and devices, are available in a dozen languages and provide complete control of your trips. TravelPerk has a free version, along with several flexible paid plans that individual travelers, corporations, and travel agents can use. It is a quick and convenient way to book flights, trains, and buses, rent cars, manage carbon offsetting, and much more. 

The tool supports seamless integrations with other travel and management platforms. For example, it can ‘team up’ with Expedia or to help you pick the best accommodation or integrate with a VAT reporting system to help you manage your expenses.


Speaking of expenses, tracking them on the road can turn into a complete nightmare, but Expensify is designed to alleviate this load. This advanced platform can work both for individual users and large corporations. The app uses optical character recognition (OCR) to scan receipts, automatically submit them to other systems that Expensify is integrated with (multiple interactions are supported), track mileage, create and approve invoices, send tax reports for future reimbursement, and much more. 

So far, this is one of the most advanced expense trackers with a few bonus perks for business travelers, i.e., booking, discount cards, and cash-back offers for every location you visit. The corporate version supports multiple users within one company account and acts as a centralized accounting department for each of your traveling colleagues.


TripIt is another travel management platform that is very similar to TravelPerk, which was already mentioned above. But while essential functionality — flight booking and itinerary planning — is very similar, TripIt focuses on slightly different features that make business trips even more affordable and enjoyable. 

For example, TripIt will not book accommodation as TravelPerk does. Still, its International Travel Tools feature can offer helpful insight on saving money and time at each destination. It shows the highest exchange rates in the area, lists the most affordable transportation options, tracks points, and converts them into discounts for your next trip. 

Another great feature is that TripIt accurately assesses commuting, even with taxis and rental cars, in its itinerary plans. When you arrive in a new city, the tool can help you plan business meetings with the highest accuracy — just tell TripIt how you want to get there, and the app will help you build the best commuting plan. 

Microsoft Office 365

AI is making its way into most spheres of our lives, and Microsoft, as one of the leading tech companies worldwide, actively integrates artificial intelligence into its products. Microsoft Office 365 is more than just a document suite — this version has a built-in AI assistant to help you plan your trip. Yes, Microsoft actually took care of that in their new Office package, and now, users can chat with an AI bot to plan itineraries, book accommodation, rent cars, pick flights, get sightseeing tips, and more!

A quick warning — AI tech is still not perfect and can make mistakes sometimes. It would be best not to use the bot as a single tool for planning your trip, but you can definitely benefit from its advice. Just make sure to double-check it — especially booking suggestions. Unlike local landmarks that are not going anywhere, booking offers can come and go. 


We can plan all we want, but flights still get delayed sometimes. There is little we can do about it, but at least we can get timely updates on any flight changes — and that’s what Flio is for. Besides offering instant updates on flight information, this handy tool has complete maps of all major airports worldwide. And we know what a confusing jungle those could be!

With Flio, you will get information about flight schedules, gate locations, Wi-Fi maps and passwords, charging stations, coffee houses, duty-free shops, and almost anything found in an airport. The app, available for iOS and Android, is 100% free to use and has a browser version, too.

Airbnb for Work

Airbnb is a service that needs no introduction, but the ambitious company has recently decided to upgrade its service range. The Airbnb for Work is an offer for someone who wants more sophisticated accommodation than a stranger’s couch. This section has better-equipped apartments and can also offer business travelers the opportunity to book conference rooms or co-working spaces in the area. Another cool bonus feature is Experience, allowing you to book corporate tours and plan activities. 

Besides, accommodations available through the Airbnb for Work section are also available for long-term rent (or longer-term, at least). So, this functionality can prove useful for people who are relocating or are planning to spend a few months on a work trip. 


Packing for a trip can also be very stressful, especially since you need to arrange so many work-related matters in the process. PackPoint can help you make sure nothing is left behind. It is a simple list but with a few extra perks designed for travelers. For example, you can separate your default packing items by the type of travel (business or leisure), receive reminders, see packing progress, and share your lists with your travel companions.

A cool feature is that you can set travel dates and stay durations to let the app analyze the weather in your destination and suggest which clothes to pack. Well, some of us would not mind that at home either — an app that reminds us to grab an umbrella before we leave, and only when it’s actually going to rain!

Bonus: Bluetooth Tracker for Your Gadgets

Even the most organized people in the world sometimes misplace things. International travel, with airport wait times and transfers, can be a stressful and distracting environment. And you certainly do not want to forget your laptop or phone somewhere in the waiting lounge. But things do happen — especially after long hours of flying. Bluetooth trackers for your tech can help you quickly find a phone that slipped out of your pocket, a laptop you’ve forgotten in a coffee shop, or a tablet you left lying on the duty-free counter.

For Apple users, the obvious choice in this category is Apple AirTag. Or, you can also use Tile — a simple and affordable tracker that works both on iOS and Android and can tag pretty much anything, from gadgets and suitcases to wallets and house keys. Because let’s face it — things happen, and not just on the road. A few bucks to ‘insure’ your possessions from getting lost on a trip is definitely a wise investment. 

That covers the essential business travel tools — you can plan the trip, take care of some tasks on the go, and ensure none of your work gadgets go missing. What else could one ask for? Probably, some free time to see the sights — and using these tools can help you accomplish that, too!