Four Essentials Needed in Your Luggage, Regardless of the Climate

Four Essentials Needed in Your Luggage, Regardless of the Climate

We all have that one must-have that never fails to make it in the suitcase, no matter where the destination is. Whether it be vitamins, shaving cream, mascara, tweezers, or tampons, the best vacations are the ones where you are prepared for anything.

Sometimes, preparing for any circumstance or emergency can mean nothing if the classic womanly aches and pains inhibit you from stepping outside of the hotel room. If the best vacations happen when you are prepared for all circumstances, then the worst vacations are when you lack resources to kick period and menopause symptoms out the door.

Luckily, Ladykind has made it easy for women to conquer anything menstruation or menopause and continue living their best life around the world. Ladykind focuses on empowering women through all-natural, CBD-based products, and by opening up the conversation about traditionally taboo subjects.

Ladykind products focus on enabling women to rise and shine and focus fully on the day ahead. For example, the Tough Love Pain Relief Cream is an anti-inflammatory topical ointment formulated with turmeric, cramp bark, and hemp-derived Broad-Spectrum CBD. The Tough Love Pain Relief Cream instantly wipes away severe period cramps, allowing you to sightsee and tour your destination pain-free.

No one wants to have brain fog and fatigue from their period or menopause, and especially not during an adventurous getaway. Ladykind offers two sublingual treatments designed to alleviate these symptoms, containing all-natural ingredients to elevate your vacation experience.

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The Rise Up Daily Mind-Clearing Tincture is an energizing blend containing maca root, CBD, and vitamin B5, a known stress reliever. Rise Up is an ideal solution for a clear mind, kicking brain fog to the curb so you can focus clearly on enjoying your day abroad.

The Wind Down Nightly Mind-Relaxing Tincture contains relaxing ingredients like melatonin, CBD, and valerian root. No one wants to be sleep-deprived when traveling, let alone due to hot flashes from menopause. Take Wind Down to your next destination for a guaranteed restful night.

Hydrated skin is a must, no matter what type of environment you may be traveling in. Ladykind’s hyaluronic-acid infused serum, called the Hydro Glow Radiance Booster, contains ingredients such as aquacell and hyaluronic acid, both ingredients that promote collagen production. Use Hydro Glow at the end of your travel day to ensure your skin looks and feels its best throughout your time abroad.

No one wants their hard-earned vacation ruined by unwanted menopausal or menstruation symptoms. To enjoy your travels to the fullest, prepare by bringing Ladykind products to combat any symptoms your period or menopause may throw at you.

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Make sure you check the Legal status of CBD where you are traveling.