Europe's Coolest and Quirkiest Hotel Rooms

Europe's Coolest and Quirkiest Hotel Rooms
From a converted crane in Norway, to an Alice in Wonderland themed country house in rural England, a super cool Ice Hotel in Sweden to a magical music room in Tuscany here are some of the strangest and coolest hotel rooms around.

The Dragonfly, Tree Hotel, Sweden

Tree Hotel

With its modern, sharp lines, the Dragonfly treehouse is a surprising landmark amidst the deep Swedish Lapland. Entirely made of timber and wrapped in a sheet of rusted-brown metal, the suspended contemporary cabin - designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects - overlooks a charming and inspiring valley. The childish fantasy of the treehouse combined with minimal and inviting high-end interiors guarantees a unique tree-top experience

Music Suite, Borgo Pignano, Italy

Music Suite

Nestled in the heart of rural Tuscany, Borgo Pignano is a finely restored country estate dating back to Etruscan times. Within the magnificent 18th century villa you will find 14 luxurious rooms including the newly opened Music Suite. A true ode to the arts, not only does the suite feature Pompeian-style frescoes, antique furniture and original artworks, but it also offers features a selection of musical instruments including Didgeridoo, Guitar and even a grand piano. A perfect retreat for any anyone looking for inspiration and relaxation immersed in the pleasures of music and art.

Harbour Crane, Harlingen, The Netherlands

Harbour Crane

A suspended hideout in the city of Harlingen, The Netherlands, the Harbour Crane cabin offers a one-of-a-kind vertiginous experience. Located on the bank of the harbour, the Figee level luffing crane was built in 1967 and used until 1996 to load cargo ships. It was transformed into a unique singular cabin hotel in the early 2000s. The former machine and control rooms - on top of the crane’s slender silhouette - offer a surprisingly spacious area which is completed by a large terrace with an unbeatable view on the Wadden Sea. A cool and quirky environment for an unforgettable high-rise adventure.

Antarctica Suite, Hotel Ranga, Iceland

Antarctica Suite

Located on the Southern coast of Iceland, about an hour’s drive from Reykjavík, Hotel Ranga is a four star resort that offers the perfect setting to enjoy the island’s most exciting adventures - from super jeep expeditions to stargazing. With its open plan, mono-chrome design, the vast Antarctica Master Suite features modern, luxurious interiors with a humorous twist or two. Among these are the gigantic bed and freestanding James Bond style mirrored bathtub, large penguin sculptures, leather sofas and spacious private terrace. The suite overlooks the sweeping and uninterrupted view of the Ranga River’s wild shores and far-reaching views of Southern Iceland’s volcanic landscape.

The White Rabbit room, Glazebrook House, UK

White Rabbit room

Built in 1670, Glazebrook House is an historic property located in an unspoilt part of rural Devon, and is now recognized as an award-winning boutique-hotel. Designed by Timothy Oulton – Glazebrook’s interior is both playful and unconventional, modern and classic. With a fairy-tale theme running throughout, each room enjoys a sense of playful whimsy. For a story-book experience with a difference why not book the White Rabbit room, lavishly furnished with a sheepskin ‘Baa Baa Bed’ and freestanding roll top bath.

Art Suite 365, Icehotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel

The Art Suite 365 concept was launched in November 2016 and was an immediate success. It offers a 1 night experience in the frozen atmosphere of an authentic ice palace - entirely sculpted by artists John Bark and Charli Kasselback. While the temperature can drop down to - 8 degree Celsius, beds are covered with reindeer hides and cozy thermal sleeping bags are provided to keep you snug.

The hotel’s ‘warm’ section offers a well-deserved antidote in the form of a reviving Swedish Sauna.

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