Everest Base Camp Trek: The Ultimate Guide

Everest Base Camp Trek: The Ultimate Guide

The Everest Base Camp Trek( EBC) in Nepal is generally enough to stir the souls of trampers all over the world. Thousands of aspirational ramblers have gained precious experience on this Himalayan route. Some see this hike as a ritual of passage for all true pedestrians.

Others go on this journey because it’s a ticket to the soaring roof of the world, where an over-close hassle with the loftiest peak of all awaits. The Everest Base Camp in Nepal itself sits at an emotional 17,598 bases( 5,364 m) high, but more on its emotional heights latterly on.

Whatever your reason for wanting to strike the Everest Base Camp Trek from the bucket list this time or in the future, this companion can help in your pursuit. It will run through all the basics of this iconic touring route between Namche Bazaar and EBC in Nepal, detailing the swish time to go, what kind of challenges can be anticipated along the way, what touring gear you’ll need on such a trip, and so much more.

Dive in!

 Days : needed 12-14 days

Total Decline(undulation): 5821 m The loftiest point on the journey (5640 m/18500 ft) is actually at Kala Patthar, which you'll hike to in the morning after reaching Everest Base Camp. This is where you get the stylish views of Mount Everest. Difficulty It’s hard for an average tramper, but the altitude is surely more delicate to manage than the distance, with several rest days and adaptation days.

Permits: Your stint driver will take care of these, but in case you do the journey alone, it’s good to know that you'll pay an original government figure and a Sagarmatha National Park permit, which together bring about $40-$50 in cost per day. This will depend on your stint price and whether you do the journey with a group, a gatekeeper, a companion, or alone.

Somewhere between USD $40 (without flights) and $60 per person per day with all meals, transport, and guides included.

Guide: It isn’t required but highly recommended.


  • Get closer to Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, and others.
  • Scenic Everest base camp trek flights from Kathmandu to Lukla
  • Base Camp of the World's Highest Mountain
  • Discover the Sherpa townlets and tDiscover the Sherpa townlets and their remarkable culture.
  • Local mountain teahouse accommodation

Trekking with Sherpa guides

Explore the Melted area and the cloisters of the Khumbu region—the - Most popular loftiest area touring trail in the world. The Everest base camp journey is one of the interesting journeys that lies in this topographical heaven nation. Rest base camp journey is one of the interesting journeys that lies in this topographical heaven nation. It's a moderate-to-difficult-grade journey where you witness a wide variety of mounds, starting from Lukla at 2,860 m( 9,380 ft).

Since the multiple Everest Base Camp Trek has two days specifically allocated for adaptation, it serves as an excellent option for both seasoned and inexperienced pedestrians who wish to steer clear of the adverse effects of high-altitude sickness. Lukla( 2,840 m) is a Sherpa agreement known as the main gateway to Everest. You'll get to enjoy the unique Nepalese life and culture over there.

As you walk through the various scenes of the rhododendron, you will  explore the gorgeous Himalayas. Besides that, you'll witness the stunning views of half-coliseum-shaped Namche Bazaar, Khumjung Sherpa Village, Sherpa galleries, and great daylight views from Kalapather and Thyangboche.

You'll encounter beautiful mountains, Sherpa hospitality, and a Buddhist church. The path is covered in chortens, Mani monuments, and vibrant prayer flags. Common Everest Base Camp Trek Diary There are so numerous different tea houses and small townlets along the trail that nearly everyone’s trip will look a little different.

It’s worth keeping in mind that some locales are more special than others, making them well worth including in your diary, but eventually it comes down to a particular preference for when and where you rest your head each night. NOTE To minimize the threat of altitude sickness, you shouldn’t gain more than 500 m( 1,640 ft) in elevation per day unless you're over 3,000 m(1,080 ft).

 Hiking planing:

You can hike more than this throughout the day, but you must return to the 500-meter mark to sleep. To help you out, here's a sample diary of a veritably common Everest Base Camp diary that you're welcome to follow, flying into Lukla on day 1 and out on day 13. Note that the approximate hiking time given is veritably conservative. I actually did a lot of these in half the time( but I know I was hiking snappily).


Start End Elevation Change Distance Hiking Time

 Day 1: Lukla: 2,860m Phakding: 2,610m + 250 6.2 km ~ 3 hrs

Day 2: Phakding, 2,610m Namche Bazaar: 3,440 m + 830m 7.4 km ~ 6 hrs

Day 3:Rest day in Namche Bazaar – 0 – –

Day 4: Namche Bazaar – 3,440 m Tengboche – 3,860 m + 420m 5.9 km ~ 5 hrs

Day 5: Tengboche: 3,860 m Dingboche – 4,410 + 550m 9.1 km ~ 6 hrs

Day 6: Rest day in Dingboche (0

Day 7: Dingboche: 4,410 Lobuche – 4,940 m + 530m 6.6 km ~ 5 hrs

Day 8: Lobuche: 4,940 m Gorakshep – 5,164 m+ Kala Pattar sunset + 224m 4.5 km to Gorak Shep + 3.7 km return to Kala Pattar ~ 3 hrs to Gorak Shep ~3 hrs return to Kala Pattar

Day 9: Gorakshep, 5,164 m EBC – Pheriche – 4,371 m – 793m 7 km return to EBC + 9.6 km to Pheriche ~ 4 hrs return to EBC)~ 5 hrs to Pheriche

Day 10: Pheriche: 4,371 m Tengboche – 3,860 m – 511m 8.9 km ~ 5 hrs

Day 11: Tengboche – 3,860 m Namche Bazaar – 3,440 m – 420 m 9.6 km ~ 4 hrs

Day 12: Namche Bazaar – 3,440 m Lukla – 2,860 m – 580 m 16 km ~ 7 hrs

Day 13:Fly out of Lukla

Planning your Hike 

As I just mentioned, whether you’re going with a group, a  companion or solo, the stylish training you can do is actually  internal medication. Knowing what to anticipate will make your hike thousands of times easier as you can  hear your body and acclimate according to the day.   Difficulties   For  utmost people, a moderate  position of fitness with good  internal medication is sufficient.


It's surely advised that you train yourself to walk long distances with weight in medication for taking on the hike. Still if you're  fairly fit your body will  acclimatize to this  relatively  snappily once you find yourself taking those first  way into the mountains.

 Altitude: is likely to be the biggest physical difficulty you'll face but this too can be overcome with knowledge and  internal strength.

Looking back,you will realize that you didn’t have nearly as  important experience in the mountains as you do now and this hike was  maybe the door that led to your deep love for dramatic  geographies and brewing peaks.

Don’t get me wrong, the hiking itself can be hours of  Norway - ending  perpendicular at times which makes you question your  reason, but this just makes your bed that much more  satisfying at the end of the day!

The condition of the trail is amazing, with wide paths and clear sign-posting, so other than a couple of large elevation gain days, the hike isn't specialized in the fewest.

The Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek is a spectacular high-altitude adventure in the mountains of Nepal . prepare well, acclimatize properly, and enjoy the incredible journey to Everest Base Camp. while trekking on Everest offers another immersive tour experience as well. Whatever ways you’ve chosen, we can help you arrange the travel permit and guide and porter, etc to help you fulfill a lifetime journey.