Everything About Renting a VIP Car In Dubai: Dos and Don'ts

Everything About Renting a VIP Car In Dubai: Dos and Don'ts

It's quite popular for visitors and UAE residents to rent cars in Dubai, especially luxury models. This solution enables clients to test different models over a period without real commitment. Agencies like Trinity Car Rental (https://trinityrental.com) offer plenty of options when it comes to prestige brands and exclusivity. This article explains how to choose a rental agency, using Trinity Rental as an example. You'll also learn about typical conditions and terms of rent and the dos and don'ts when booking a luxury vehicle.

Choosing an Agency: Criteria to Consider

We've prepared a checklist of characteristics based on Trinity Rental's services. The list should help you understand that you're choosing a reputable agency:

  • Rent without a deposit: Trinity Rental offers the convenience of renting without needing a deposit, as it's more convenient. Clients simply pay for the rental period without hidden fees.
  • A generous package of services: Trinity Rental fee structure includes 300 km daily mileage, full insurance coverage, toll roads, and Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Flexible payment options: Trinity Rental accepts various payment methods, including cash, Visa and Mastercard cards, and even cryptocurrency.
  • Diversity in brands and car models: Trinity has 60+ vehicles with low mileage. Moreover, some vehicles were released in 2023. Additionally, the agency has SUVs, sedans, convertibles, hybrids, sports vehicles, and even electric cars.
  • Personal support: A luxury service should deliver what it claims to offer. In this case, it's premium customer support. Trinity provides a personal manager to deal with any issues.
  • Generous perks: As a token of appreciation, Trinity Rental provides a full tank of fuel.
  • Car delivery to a chosen place: Many clients prefer to step out of the airport and hop into a rented car, and that's what they get with Trinity — delivery to any chosen location.

Additionally, Trinity provides rent with a driver, which is especially convenient if you're planning to get tipsy. It's forbidden to drive after consuming alcohol, and it's one of the most strict don'ts (more on that later), so you can book a vehicle with a personal chauffeur.

Terms and Conditions

Naturally, every agency has different terms and conditions, but clients should be prepared to hand in some documents. Moreover, buying a UAE phone number during your stay is also a good idea. Most companies provide online forms where clients have to leave their UAE phone numbers. You can contact support, but getting the phone number is easier so the agency can call you back.

Additionally, here are some typical requirements for clients to be able to rent an elite car:

  • 21+ years for a standard prestige car (like an SUV, sedan, convertible).
  • 25+ years for a sports car.
  • At least one year of driving experience.

Luckily, even if you don't meet these requirements, you can simply rent the car with a personal chauffeur, as mentioned before.

Documents You Need

The documents differ for tourists and residents. Let's start with tourists:

  • ID;
  • Visa;
  • home country driving license;
  • international driving permit (IDP).

UAE residents should provide the following:

  • UAE driving license;
  • Emirates ID.

Some agencies also accept a Residential Visa. Requirements may also differ, depending on the company. Once you provide the required documents and choose the vehicle, you may pay for the rental period and explore Dubai.

Dos And Don’ts

Here's what you can and even should do while renting a premium car in Dubai:

  • Visit any location within the UAE's borders. You may additionally ask the rental agency if you can travel to other UAE cities, just to be sure.
  • Order a car for a special occasion, like a wedding, someone's birthday, a party (like Bachelor's Bachelorette's), etc.
  • Book a vehicle for a business event.

You can enjoy driving a certain prestige model on one day, like a Ferrari Portofino, and then switch to a different one on the other day, like a Lamborghini Urus. It's a perfect opportunity to test the vehicle and compare several models.

However, here are a few rules usually enforced by reputable rental agencies:

  • Don't drive on sand.
  • Don't drive on race tracks.
  • Don't exceed 150 km/h.
  • Don't smoke in the salon.

You aren't allowed to drive if you choose to drink alcohol. As for other conditions, clients aren't allowed to smoke to avoid unpleasant smells in the salons. This rule often applies to all types of smoking devices, so verify this bit at the agency where you book the vehicle.

How to Rent an Exotic Vehicle?

The easiest option is to visit the agency's website and find the online application form. It's convenient because you can see the fleet of vehicles and remotely choose a model you want to book.

Once you pick the model, the next step typically requires you to fill out data, like a phone number, rental date, and so on. Clients then can select «Rent» and wait for the agency to call them.

Many businesses accept scans of documents, while others require physical copies and a meeting with the client to reach an agreement. The process may vary, but in most cases, the next logical step is to visit the location where you're supposed to receive the keys.

Once the rent period expires, the company's employee gets the keys from the client and drives the car back, or the customer delivers it to the pre-agreed-upon location. Overall, the process is simple, and reputable agencies do their best to simplify the procedure for customers' convenience.

Final Thoughts

It's important for travelers and UAE residents to choose agencies with untarnished reputations and positive reviews. Moreover, they should focus on companies that have a diverse range of cars so that they can find something they like. Additionally, customers should always double-check conditions and requirements to avoid misunderstandings. As a result, you get the best experience in Dubai and can enjoy your trip.