Everything to Know About Renting a Car on a Holiday

Everything to Know About Renting a Car on a Holiday

To get the most out of your vacation, it may be best for you to rent a car, especially if you have a family you want to safely maneuver around an unfamiliar country.

Although renting a car can get frustrating, especially when someone is trying to upsell you for insurance, the freedom it provides you is unmatched. Here are 9 things to know about renting a car on your next holiday.

Top 9 Things to Consider While Renting a Vehicle

Whether you’re able to make a full trip around the country or you’re there for a short while, renting a car may be exactly what you need. Use these tips to get the most out of your rental.

1. Book Early

Unlike many travel expenses, you can plan ahead when it comes to renting a car. Make sure you book your hotel, flight, and car rental at the same time, so you don’t forget about any of your guaranteed upfront costs. When you book early, you have a chance to shop for the best prices.

2. Avoid Renting From the Airport

While picking up a rental car at the airport is both time-saving and convenient, you’ll inevitably spend more for what another dealership is offering down the street.

Unfortunately, these fees are legitimized through tax loopholes, so it’s actually cheaper to take an Uber to your rental.

3. Shop for Car Insurance

While on your quest to find car insurance in Australia, make sure you find a package that covers rental. If it doesn’t, ask about primary coverage in case you get into an accident. If you want to pay for insurance inside the country, always look beyond the rental company to save on rates.

4. Use a Travel Credit Card

Using a credit card is a no-brainer in another country because it’s accepted everywhere and doesn’t require an on-the-spot credit check.

However, to take your savings to the next level, try to sign up for a travel credit card, so you’ll be able to earn points towards other vacations.

5. Go Coupon Shopping

Even if you feel like you’ve gotten the best deal you’re ever going to get, it still pays to go coupon shopping.

After all, who wouldn’t want to pay less for anything? Simply search Google or use browser extensions like Honey to find the best prices on rental cars in any country.

6. Never Prepay for Gas

Prepaying for gas doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you’re in a rush to make a flight, but if you have some extra time to spare, it’s better that you fill-up the tank yourself. Fueling up at a fuel station will help you avoid this massive surcharge. Just say “no” to prepaying for gas!

7. Pay Road Tolls With Cash

Depending on where you’re vacationing, most road tolls will allow you to pay in cash, but you typically have to wait in a long line.

However, paying in cash can save you a lot of money as rental companies will apply an extra $4-$5 on top of the E-Z Pass standard toll fee.

8. Inspect the Car Thoroughly

Before leaving the rental car lot, inspect the sides of the car thoroughly and take pictures. The last thing you want is for a rental car place to charge you for damages you didn’t even make. Rental companies won’t hesitate to charge you for a hair out of place, so be extra careful.

9. Examine the Return Policy

One of the ways rental companies will charge you is through a “loss of use” policy, which means you’ll be charged if you get into an accident and the car becomes unusable. While most credit card companies will cover this policy, your insurance won’t. Click here for more information.

Make sure you’re covered for “loss of use” before driving off. If you’re not, contact your credit card company to switch your plan.