Everything You Need to Know About Private Air Charters

Everything You Need to Know About Private Air Charters

Private jets are the epitome of luxury, best suited for those seeking luxury travel experiences. With private air charters, you'll travel in comfort and style and avoid the hassles of airport queues and cramped airline seating.

While private air charters were once only available to the rich and the famous, nowadays, more and more travelers are splurging on private air charters, thanks to the many benefits it brings. If you plan on taking a private jet on your next luxury trip, here's everything you need to know about private air charters.

What is a Private Air Charter?

A private air charter is an unscheduled flight not part of a commercial airline route. When chartering a private plane, you will pay for the entire aircraft and can freely choose departure or arrival locations and times.

Private air charters offer more flexibility than scheduled flights, serving almost every destination worldwide and with itineraries tailored to the needs and preferences of the client.

Since the private air charters are not part of a scheduled service, the plane will depart when you want to. You can also decide what cities to fly to and where to go. Private air charters may cost more than commercial flights, but the convenience is worth it.

How Private Air Charters Make Flying Easier

When booking private air charters, you will be in control of your flight schedules. There is no need to worry about connecting flights since you will fly directly to your destination. In fact, air charters have become very popular amidst the Covid-19 crisis, where the safety of taking commercial flights is concerned. Some perks of private air charters include no airport queues, no security screenings, and not having to wait for your luggage from the carousel since you will take it with you on the plane.

With a private air charter, you are more likely to arrive on time than with taking commercial flights. Also, you don't need to hurry to the airport a few hours before your flight. In fact, you can arrive even 15 minutes before your flight. Sometimes, depending on the airport you're flying from, you can drive straight to your plane and leave your car at the airport while heading to your destination.

Another perk of taking private air charters is you can bring your pets with you on the plane! While it's possible to transport pets via commercial flights, this can come with safety risks. There are even horror stories of pets getting lost during the journey! A private charter lets you take your pet with you, giving you peace of mind.

The Difference in Cost 

Given the benefits you will enjoy with private air charters, it's understandably pricier than commercial flights. The average cost of a round-trip domestic flight in the US is around $300. Meanwhile, chartering a private jet could cost you $2,000 to $11,000 per hour.

It's worth noting that the cost is the same for a private jet, regardless of how many people are flying. The rates are typically charged by the hour, depending on factors such as the aircraft type. Most can carry a maximum of six passengers. So, if there are six of you, you'll pay just over $300 each for a one-hour flight via private air charter. That's almost the same price you will pay when flying commercially! With a private charter, you will enjoy more space and first-class service, so it's definitely worth it!

With more and more people choosing to fly in private charters these days, you can take advantage of some deals included in high-end luxury travel memberships to get the most out of the experience. For instance, you can get monthly memberships for private air charters, which reduces the cost of flying regularly.

The Different Types of Air Charters 

You'll have numerous options for booking private air charters since these aircraft are available in different types. The aircraft type will depend on the trip and the number of people you will travel with.

The smallest is light jets, most suitable for short-haul flights or up to three hours of flying time. These jets can fly into more remote areas and use shorter runways not accessible to commercial jets. The average capacity is 6 to 8 people.

The midsize cabin jets are the best choice for those who need to fly longer, but not more than five hours. Since they have more headroom, they are the best choice for those needing more space for luggage. It can hold a maximum of 9 passengers.

If you need more cabin space, you can book the super-midsize jets, which can hold more than the light and midsize jets. Since these jets have more space, you'll be more comfortable walking in them. They can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers.

The heavy jets have more spacious legroom and cabin space, best suited for elite travelers seeking extreme comfort when flying. Standard heavy jets can also come with two flight attendants, who will attend to your whim during the entire flight. Some heavy jets can carry up to 19 passengers.

Why People Choose Private Air Charters 

By now, you already understand why many people would not mind splurging on private air charters. Perhaps, the biggest perk of taking private air charters is the comfort and space. It's more comfortable and spacious than a commercial flight, even with business class or first-class seats. In addition, private air charters offer variations in catering, from gourmets and fine dining meals to onboard cooking. Most private jets also offer high-end entertainment, something you cannot enjoy with commercial flights.

Private air charters offer the most luxurious travel experience. You will not have to worry about getting from one place to another or how to get home after a long day of traveling since it also comes with the added concierge service. They can manage everything on your behalf, from hotel reservations to ground transportation and luggage transport. Some can even arrange a luxury car to take you to your destination for a more luxurious experience.