Experience An Authentic Mexican Christmas at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Experience An Authentic Mexican Christmas at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

As the holiday season approaches, Hotel Xcaret Mexico has announced it will celebrate a posada, or cultural offering that pays tribute to Mary & Joseph’s journey, on December 14th. This marks the second consecutive year that the 900-suite property will host this traditional event and is part of the hotel’s efforts to make it an ongoing tradition for the whole family to enjoy.

Posadas are a Mexican Christmas tradition where participants recreate the journey of Mary and Joseph searching for shelter. During the reenactment, guests act as pilgrims while hosts act as innkeepers. Both parties sing the traditional posada song where pilgrims ask to be taken in and the innkeepers refuse, eventually allowing them take shelter after much insisting. Celebrated nationwide, posadas are considered among Mexico’s most deep-rooted traditions and a perfect excuse to gather with family and friends before Christmas Day.

“At Hotel Xcaret Mexico we have made a name for ourselves by offering the highest standards in hospitality, while honoring Mexican art and culture; hosting a posada is one of the many ways we strive to provide our guests with an immersive experience that highlights the best of Mexico,” said Francisco Gutierrez, Chief Hotels Officer.

Among one of the most anticipated events during Hotel Xcaret Mexico’s posada ceremony is the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in the Mexican Caribbean. Guests will enjoy a variety of vibrant offerings such as live music and a selection of traditional Mexican delicacies including tacos, chicharrones, and ponche. One of the highlights of the evening will be the Christmas carol live performance that will be offered at the hotel’s All Angels Chapel, that provides panoramic views of the ocean and jungle surrounding the property.

And of course, no posada is complete without striking a traditional piñata. As history has it, piñatas are one of the main elements of posadas and have become a staple in any celebration involving children. They hold a symbolic and religious meaning, traditionally comprised of seven points that represent the capital sins. The blindfold covering the person’s eyes symbolizes the faith, the stick used to break the piñata represents the will to overcome temptation and the treats stand for the bounty of heaven.

To top off the magical night, attendees will also enjoy a Christmas concert, a traditional Mexican market and a carnival featuring games for children of all ages. As part of the hotel’s innovative All-Fun Inclusive® concept, this unique experience is one of the many perks offered to guests staying at the oceanfront property, Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

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