Experience Europe's Top Summer Fashion Week Venues by Private Jet

Experience Europe's Top Summer Fashion Week Venues by Private Jet

Madrid-based private jet company Welojets shares how to arrive in style to the major fashion industry events in Europe.

2022 marks a special year for fashion worldwide. In 2021, the digital format took the industry by storm, and now, the good-old in-person shows are back in the top fashion capitals of the world. The London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week lead the list in Europe for the upcoming events in the calendar for their spring/summer editions. How to get to each venue without the usual airport hassle while also arriving fresh and in style? Private aviation.

Private aviation allows passengers to depart from any airport in Europe, domestic, regional, or international and arrive as closely as possible to each Fashion Week location. Welojets, a Madrid-based private jet company shares some tips on what aircraft to charter and which terminal to use to attend the next Fashion Week event in the continent. Furthermore, with good planning, fashion lovers will be able to enjoy all three editions in consecutive weeks, moving with flexibility on a comfortable private jet.

London Fashion Week

London is the newest addition to the “Big Four” global Fashion Week venues (New York is also on the list), although, as the British tradition goes, nothing was left to chance. Do you remember a bare-chested Noami Campbell modelling? Yes, that was at London Fashion Week. This vibrant edition has had plenty of household names during its history and 2022 is expected to follow that custom. How to get there? A midsized jet as the Citation Excel for eight passengers would work perfectly for any mid-range route in Europe, Madrid to London, for instance, with an average price of EUR 16,400.

Where to land the jet? London Biggin Hill Airport is the usual terminal to escape London’s busier scheduled flight airports.

Spring/Summer 2023: Sep 16 – 20, 2022

Milan Fashion Week

The fashion capital of the world, Milan has been the gateway to center stage for powerhouse designers like Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. Furthermore, it is debatable that for Milan, the Fashion Week generates more buzz locally than in the other “Big Four” venues, in a way, meaning more for the city than the other larger metropolis like London, New York and Paris, which have more competing events on a regular basis.

For a mid-range flight from London to Milan on a Phenom 300, the price is approximately EUR 11,400. Passengers are recommended to land their jet at Milan Linate Airport, located just 6 kilometers from the city center.

Spring/Summer 2023: Sep 20 – 26, 2022

Paris Fashion Week

A true celebration of French fashion with names that even those removed from the style realm can easily recognize, like Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton, is ready for an in-person celebration. Haute couture events take place all around Paris and unite the top houses in the world, as the city of love is the place to be regarding fashion. Nevertheless, nothing is larger than Fashion Week and its surrounding vibe. An ideal aircraft when travelling with a larger group to Paris from Milan is the Citation XLS for 9 passengers, with a charter cost of EUR 11,000.

Paris Le Bourget Airport, exclusively dedicated to private aviation, is the recommended terminal to land a private jet in the city.

Spring/Summer 2023: Sep 26 – Oct 4, 2022

When to charter a private jet

Private jet demand is breaking records on a monthly basis worldwide, with many first-time flyers experiencing the amenities of executive aviation thanks to its reliability, comfort, and the inefficiencies of commercial flight. When to charter a jet? Experienced private jet companies like Welojets recommend chartering a jet at least 4 days prior to a flight, to accommodate to every need from aircraft selection, specific destination, and inflight amenities.

Additionally, bookings that are arranged well in advance will allow passengers to select from a wider pool of aircraft.