Experience Hokol Vuh Culinary Festival: The most important food event in Mexico

Experience Hokol Vuh Culinary Festival: The most important food event in Mexico

The Luxury Collection’s Mexico Haciendas will be hosting events and activities during the Hokol Vuh Culinary Festival in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula.

Hokol Vuh is an exclusive event led by some of Mexico’s most esteemed culinary minds, celebrating traditional Mayan food and flavors. The festival is an incomparable sensory experience capturing the essence of Mayan culture. During the festival, Marriott’s Luxury Collection Haciendas, perfectly situated around this extraordinary region, will amplify their tailored epicurean adventures such as a transformative cenote experience, the Melipona Bee Harvesting Experience, Live Cooking Classes led by Hokol Vuh chefs, and many more.

The festival itself was initiated by globally renowned chefs Roberto Solís and René Redzepi, who aim to educate and enlighten their guests on the traditions of Mayan Culture and flavors through intimate and immersive experiences. The chefs attending vary year on year, promising to bring a fresh and unique feel to each Hokol Vuh.

Throughout the festival, you will be invited to participate in Hokol Vuh events hosted by eighteen exceptional chefs, such as culinary masterclasses, the Melipona bee harvesting experience and the transformative cenote experience.

On the final evening, there will be a unique and exclusive dinner, where the chefs will reinterpret their own experiences and flavors of Mayan Culture for their guests to try. During this, you will have the chance to mingle with the chefs, gaining direct access to them all eighteen of them.

These events will be held in multiple locations throughout the region: in the Mayan communities nearby, at the Haciendas Hotels, and in the Aké Ruins.