Experience Italian Renaissance in Modern Luxury at Castelfalfi, Tuscany

Experience Italian Renaissance in Modern Luxury at Castelfalfi, Tuscany

As the official birthplace of the Renaissance, Tuscany boasts a rich cultural heritage that has shaped the world for centuries. At Castelfalfi, travelers can immerse themselves in captivating history while enjoying an unparalleled experience that blends past and present – and gives back to the local community.

Here are four reasons why the resort with its own medieval village, 2,700 acres of protected vineyards, olive groves, lakes, and a wildlife reserve is worth a visit:

Heritage: Castelfalfi stands as a testament to the renaissance legacy with its historic architecture, captivating art, and timeless landscapes that have witnessed the evolution of human creativity. Did you know that a Medici villa is located on the grounds and includes some of the last remaining citrus plants known as Bizzeria from thousands of years ago, which is used in the hotel’s signature fragrance?

The property recently underwent a multi-million-dollar renovation. From meticulously restored historic villas to state-of-the-art spa facilities soon to open this fall, every aspect of Castelfalfi has been designed to pay homage to tradition with a modern nod. Castelfalfi offers a gateway to experience the culture, history, wellness, and rituals of the region in a contemporary context.

Guests can spend 10 days at Castelfalfi without doing the same thing twice. Wander through the medieval village, engage in interactive art workshops, sip Castelfalfi wine under the stars with a local astronomer as your tour guide, savor inspired culinary delights, and indulge in wellness treatments. Nature enthusiasts can hike through the Tuscan countryside, while history buffs can revel in the stories hidden within the walls.

Local Fusion: In addition to extensive sustainability efforts, the team is dedicated to preserving the authenticity of the region. Through collaborations with local artisans, chefs, and experts, Castelfalfi creates a tapestry of experiences that showcase Tuscany's heritage but also provides economic and cultural support to the community. As the only property in the area with a working olive oil mill, during harvest season, Castelfalfi invites their neighbors from across the region to press their own olive oil on site – a deeply rooted tradition in the community.