Expert Tips on Decorating with Black and Gold

Expert Tips on Decorating with Black and Gold

Black and gold is a classic color combination in luxury interior design that embodies elegance. When combined correctly, these sleek and versatile hues can instantly enhance any space or room. This timeless color pairing creates a dramatic focal point and gives a sophisticated yet glamorous touch to your home's interior. Luxury Interior Design company Juliettes Interiors have shared their top tips and advice for incorporating this color scheme into your home.

Maximize the Drama

Juliettes black and gold

This dynamic color duo can create a dramatic impact in any space, but can also be used to achieve a sleek and understated look. For a relaxed and moody feel, make black the dominant color in the room. Incorporating gold accents, such as lighting frames, furniture trims, and mirrors will provide rich contrast and depth, making the space effortlessly luxurious.

Juliettes Interiors Top Tip: Place gold trinkets and table decor on a black display cabinet or coffee table to elegantly carry the metallic theme throughout the room.

Subtle Gold Accents


Juliettes black and gold

For a more understated look, opt for black marble pieces with gold accents. Pieces such as a coffee table or table lamp, with sleek black tones and delicate golden accents, are a perfect choice for a refined and timelessly sophisticated look. This will balance out the classic black tones with a touch of golden elegance.


Resonant of the Art Deco and Classic design eras, having elements of gold in your home can create an atmosphere of wealth and class, just remember to keep this to moderation or it can be too much. It can also evoke a vintage feel to your room if this is more your style by adding rustic and patina gold to your decor - this could be displayed in a photo frame or wood furnishings. Gold will never go out of fashion as it is so versatile, not only as a color but in materials as it comes in so many textures.

If you’re not looking for a moody atmosphere, don’t worry. Black and gold go well with white and cream tones too, creating sleek and stylish visuals reminiscent of high-end designer brands such as Chanel. Gold and white bring a light and airy feel to any room, evoking classic elegance and ethereal luxury reminiscent of Ancient Greece or ‘Regency-era glamour’, according to Livingetc.

Combining these enduring and versatile colors results in an effortlessly chic look. This color scheme also creates a minimalist style with a luxurious, Parisian-inspired glamour that is impossible to resist.

Embrace the Green and Gold Decor

Juliettes black and gold

A green sofa is a must-have for an elevated and worthwhile investment for your interior. Green is a versatile and popular color option for any room - emerald green in particular will complement gold perfectly, enhancing the black and white neutral background of the living space.

Deep emerald green velvet sofas exude luxury flawlessly and have been highly praised for their versatility. This trend has been incorporated into a plethora of interior styles, from eclectic to minimalist, and shows no signs of fading.

Green is the perfect match with gold as it brings calming elements of the outdoors inside, whilst still being luxurious when using the right tones. As a pair, green and gold are an effortlessly stylish combination, they bring an antique yet contemporary look to your home.

Incorporating black and gold into your interior design brings a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home. Don’t be afraid to integrate this color scheme - the key to using these tones tastefully is to find the right balance - use them as a bold accent rather than a dominant feature. Whether it is through hardware, decor, or accent walls, these colors have the power to add depth and drama to a room.