Explore an Extraordinary Land of Wildlife on Exhilarating Tanzania Day Trips

Explore an Extraordinary Land of Wildlife on Exhilarating Tanzania Day Trips

Whoever traveled to Tanzania will probably share their stunning experiences in the wilderness. The country is globally known by Mt. Kilimanjaro, diverse wildlife safaris, and of course, untouched massive national parks. If you’re looking for a memorable trip to Tanzania, what would be better than immersing yourself in exciting day trips where you can learn a thing or two about the culture, wildlife, and nature. Tanzania is a country for everyone’s taste as it features massive strips of untouched nature in the mainland, and breathtaking coast featuring sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

Keep reading as we’re going to share our top picks when it comes to Tanzania day trips to the exhilarating wildlife. 

#1- Tarangire National Park

Let’s start with a bit unknown place that lives in the shade of the two most popular national parks in the country - Tarangire National Park. Tarangire is located just next to Serengeti and Ngorongoro which are usually overcrowded if you don’t pick the right season. On the contrary, Tarangire will give you a memorable safari experience without loud tourist crowds and overpriced day tours. People usually visit Tarangire to observe wild elephants, lions, zebras and countless other species who coexist in harmony with each other. The park is known as a breeding ground for majestic Baobab trees, and you can stumble upon a thick Baobab forest in some parts. There is an abundance of day trips and activities you can take in the park, but arguably, the most exciting one is taking a balloon flight over the park. Be sure to book a flight during the sunrise hours, as you’ll testify a breathtaking sunrise and hoards of wild animals surviving in a hostile environment.

#2- Duluti Lake

Duluti is a tiny crater lake located in northern Tanzania, just 20 kilometers away from a city of Arusha. The lake has an ideal location for people who’re looking to conquer Kilimanjaro or Meru. The interesting fact is that the lake always has clean waters from the rich groundwaters which serve as a natural habitat for a dozen fish species. Probably the best activity to explore each corner of Duluti lake is booking a kayak and just immerse in nature. During your kayaking tour, you’ll encounter more than 130 waterbird species, diverse surrounding forests, and even Mt. Meru peak hiding in the clouds. If you’re looking to explore a local culture, the best way is to visit a local market near the lake featuring countless friendly vendors selling handcraft and delicious food.

#3- Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park features a massive area that serves as a home to a popular Mt. Meru and untouched forest reserve where you can truly immerse in wildlife. The area is extremely diverse and rich which attracts all kinds of wildlife such as hippos, buffalos, elephants, giraffes and countless of the bird species. One of the most popular places for memorable wildlife safari tours in Tanzania is booking a day trip to Arusha National Park. By far, the most popular activities are bird watching, kayaking through the thick jungle, and biking around the massive safari. Be sure to plan your trip in advance since it’s one of the most visited national parks in the region, especially during the dry season that falls from June to October. On the other hand, the wet season gives a different vibe as the birds start to migrate and bird watching is a must-do activity.

#4- Ngorongoro Crater

Probably, the most popular day trip in Tanzania is paying a visit to the breathtaking safari that features endless plain fields, awesome hiking trails, an abundance of wildlife species, majestic lakes and much more. Did you know that endangered species of black rhino can be seen enjoying and freely wandering around the area? On top of that, prepare to encounter a huge amount of wildlife including gazelles, wild buffaloes, lions and leopards who’re fighting for survival. If you’re an active type of traveler, there are various hiking trails such as Crater Rim Walk, Empakaai hike and Laetoli. Arguably, the best season to wander around the park is during the stormy season that falls in May since there are not many tourists and the vegetation starts to bloom and grow.

As you might notice, Tanzania is an extremely beautiful country offering the majestic nature, diverse wildlife, and plenty of things to do. Have you ever been to beautiful Tanzania? What’s your favorite wildlife day trip? Share your thoughts below.