Explore Costa Rica by Superyacht, for the First Time in History

Explore Costa Rica by Superyacht, for the First Time in History

After a long-awaited milestone, Costa Rica will be open to international superyacht charters for the first time. Leading yacht firm, IYC, has already prepared adventurous itineraries to help clients enjoy the diverse region in the best way possible. Home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity within only 0.03% of the earth’s surface, Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary destinations for yacht charters in the entire world.

There are currently two areas suitable for charters, the OSA Peninsula and the North Pacific Coast. Declared one of the most biologically intense places on earth by National Geographic, the pristine rainforests, warm blue waters of the OSA Peninsula make it a great region for charters and one of the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica. The ultimate charter destination for adrenaline junkies and perfect for those who love wildlife and nature. On the other end, the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is another area that provides unmatched landscape views, an abundance of marine life, and some of the best and most easily accessible diving places and conditions found in the country.

If you are looking for adventure and excitement Costa Rica has plenty to indulge in. On the water, diving or heli-rafting are sure to pick up the pace and the adrenaline. On land, the lush, dense forests of Costa Rica are perfect for hiking, horseback adventures, or even zip-lining. Guests are sure to encounter the most unique wildlife on their rainforest excursions. In the skies, guests can enjoy stunning views of the breathtaking volcanic ranges around the island.

For marine lovers, Costa Rica is like a dream. On any given day, guests on board their yacht charter may see a plethora of marine life ranging from frogfish, harlequin clown shrimp, seahorses, to white tip and reef sharks, or even a very rare giant Pacific manta ray. Golfo Dulce is one of only four tropical fords on the planet. It is, in fact, the only place on the globe where populations of both Northern and Southern Humpback whales breed. This is also the perfect place for a a deep-sea fishing excursion. At Caño Island, an oasis of underworld playgrounds such as caves, cliffs, and reefs are waiting to be explored. Ideal for snorkeling and diving, this biological reserve is also the perfect base to explore the surrounding coastline.

These are just a few examples of what clients can enjoy with IYC as Costa Rica opens up. With growing teams around the world, IYC is the expert  in the yachting industry, helping guests create bespoke itineraries where they can enjoy the best local culture, food, and excursions.

 As itineraries become finalized and vessels become available in the region, IYC will continue to be on top of ongoing news to ensure its clients are getting the most exclusive experiences. To learn more about IYC, its vessels, destinations, and offices please visit, https://iyc.com/.