Explore the marvelous Mexican shores – Top beaches worth-visiting in Cancun

Explore the marvelous Mexican shores – Top beaches worth-visiting in Cancun

Is Cancun on your travel bucket list? Well, you made an excellent choice!

The Mexican city of Cancun is full of surprises, making for one of the best travel destinations. Luxury resort hotels, sparkling water, and a never-ending stream of beaches combine to make any visitor feel like they are in paradise. With so many possibilities on the horizon, you are entitled not to know what to visit first, but we hope this article covers you.

So, keep reading to learn about some of the most spectacular beaches in Cancun!

Playa Delfines

This is one of the most popular beaches in Cancun and for a good reason! Locally known as El Mirador, it is a beach for the entire family, without exaggeration. Here, you will find hundreds of umbrellas for rent, restrooms, thatched palapas, fruit stands, and rinsing areas necessary if you spend the whole day bathing in the electric blue water and playing in the glittering sand.

We will not lie to you – Playa Delfines is not the quietest, but it is not the most populous either. Do not forget to visit the famous Cancun sign that is so popular on Instagram if you get here.

Playa del Carmen

If you are looking for a distinct feel of a “beach town,” Playa del Carmen may be just the right thing. It is situated in a small town bearing the same name that was once a little fishing village, so the vibe felt here is different from anywhere else. Still, you can explore the best of the Mayan Riviera here. Apart from breathtaking nature and top-notch food, you can swim in a rooftop pool, visit a few cenotes, the Rio Secreto Caves, and, if you are in the mood for a dose of national history, the Frida Kahlo Museum.

And the good news is that you can easily get from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen thanks to the transportation services provided by the airport. Just make sure you opt for these services when booking your flight and accommodation.

Playa Chac Mool

Playa Chac Mool is ideal for those who are in love with water. Of course, you can sit under an umbrella and sunbathe, but you will lose the essence. You can dive into the Caribbean waves and have part of a memorable experience from this playa. Water sports equipment can also be rented nearby, so you only need to decide where to start.

Playa Chac Mool is also close to the historical site of Yamil Lu’um, so if you are a history enthusiast but also a beach lover, you actually catch two rabbits at once.

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres will definitely take your breath away. With calm and quiet waters, this beach makes for an excellent destination for a family with children. Due to the fact that the beach does not face the open ocean, its waters are safe, and you can swim without worry. But do not think there is only quietness – you can visit the many clubs lined nearby, too, and get in touch with the magnetic nightlife of Cancun.