Exploring Lima in Luxury

Exploring Lima in Luxury

Peru's capital, Lima, has great historical and geographical beauty. On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, this city has the most beautiful sunsets, unique gastronomy, and areas for the best luxury shopping. The different neighborhoods each have their own special features, making each visit unique.

Lima has also become a reference in luxury restaurants. Central and Maido are in the top 10 restaurants in the world in the best lists, and others in the top 50. In addition to other great diversity of restaurants, Peruvian food in Lima has great variety, as it brings together dishes from all parts of the country.

From a hotel in San Isidro to the best shopping in Miraflores, Lima has a lot to offer when looking for a luxury visit to the Peruvian capital.

Miraflores Park Hotel Lima

Where to stay

Lima’s most luxurious hotels are located in many parts of the city. Each one has something special, and you can choose what you want to do. One of the best options is the neighborhood of San Isidro, where the financial district is located. The offer of luxury hotels is enormous, and it’s where the largest number of restaurants is concentrated. If you stay in a hotel in San Isidro, you must visit El Olivar Park, where its olive trees are the main attraction of the place. This park is recognized as one of the most beautiful in Lima, with amazing trails for jogging. There are also prestigious galleries and museums in San Isidro for art lovers.

If you are looking for more options for nightlife, green areas, and outdoor activities, Miraflores is a better choice. One of the best shopping malls in Lima, plus a promenade through a clifftop on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, the Miraflores Malecon. Here you have the best views and sunsets, plus many beautiful parks, such as Parque del Amor (Love Park) and Parque Chino (Chinese Park).

If you are a lover of architecture and history, the best choice is the historic center. There are also options of luxurious hotels, but within walking distance of the Metropolitan Cathedral or the Convent of San Francisco. It’s much easier to get around on foot and the food offer in this area is also extensive.

Palomino Islands Luxury Yacht

The port of Callao north of Lima is of great historical importance for the continent, in addition to being one of the most important in Peru today. This port was used since the time of the viceroyalty, so its architecture is colonial, and it’s a beautiful city to visit while in Lima. It’s the second most populated city in Peru.

sea lions in Lima Peru

It’s from this port that luxury yachts depart to the Palomino Islands. The main attraction is a large number of sea lions. The luxury yacht tours take you to the island of San Lorenzo where there is a military station, snacks, and drinks on board, as well as the possibility of swimming with sea lions.

Explore Lima’s Luxury Gastronomy

Virgilio Martinez is the chef and creator of Central, one of the best restaurants in the world. Located in the neighborhood of Barranco, it debuted in fourth place in 2013 in the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list. It is now considered one of the best in the world (usually on the top five). Pia Leon, Matinez's wife, opened in 2018 a more laid-back Peruvian food restaurant just upstairs of Central, while also overseeing the kitchen at both.

In the Miraflores neighborhood you will find Maido, from chef Mitsuharu Tsumura. It mixes Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, creating a fusion of flavors and ingredients. Its tasting menu is of 12 dishes, preliminarily fish, tasting all kinds of flavors. Also in Miraflores, Jaime Pesaque’s Mayta is one of the best in the world, focusing on local ingredients. Pesaque has opened restaurants all over the world looking to showcase the delights of Peruvian cuisine.


Luxury Shopping in Lima

One of the most popular places for tourists to shop is Larcomar. Although it may seem like an ordinary shopping mall, it stands out for being in the Miraflores Malecon, so it has an impressive view of the Pacific Ocean. There are stores of all kinds, but the well-known brands and restaurants stand out.

For streets of exclusive boutiques, in San Isidro we can find Los Conquitadores Avenue and Miguel Dasso Street. These two commercial streets in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods have stores from all over the world, as well as some Peruvian designers. In addition, there are some of the best restaurants where you can rest after a day of exhaustive shopping.

If you are looking for the most exclusive brands, you will find them in the Jockey Plaza. This plaza is newer and now features boutiques ranging from sports brands to luxury jewelry stores. At the other end of the spectrum, the Mercado Indio, while not exclusive, is where you will find the best Peruvian artisan crafts and souvenirs.