Fairmont Hotels Fitness Program Provides Reebok Workout Gear

Fairmont Hotels Fitness Program Provides Reebok Workout Gear
As a member of Fairmont President's Club, the company's loyalty program, the new initiative will give guests access to Reebok workout gear and footwear, which is delivered directly to their guestroom for use in-room, in the gym or to enjoy in the great outdoors.

“Many of our guests have told us that they want to stay active during their travels,” said Brian Richardson, vice president, brand marketing and communications at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. “By adding a partner like Reebok, one of the world's top sportswear companies, we're strengthening one of our key health and wellness offerings and making it easier for our guests to continue their workouts on the road.”

Whether guests are looking to avoid checked bag fees, or simply don't want the hassle of packing workout clothes and running shoes, Fairmont Fit is just a phone call or click away. With the new Reebok product rolling out to all Fairmont hotels this fall and throughout the winter, members can easily add Fairmont Fit preferences to their Fairmont President's Club member profile for in-room delivery, or simply call Royal Service if they haven't listed it on their profile yet.

Guests can order Reebok ZigLite running shoes, a track jacket, performance T-shirts and microfiber socks, while women can choose to have capris and sports bras and men can request pants or shorts. Travelers simply enjoy and leave them in their room when they check out, or call to receive a fresh set whenever they are ready for another workout.

If guests really like their Reebok gear, they may purchase new items at a 15 percent discount and take it home with them. In addition to apparel, guests are provided with pre-loaded mp3 players upon request to use during their workout. In collaboration with EMI Music, Fairmont has compiled extensive playlists that include a variety of contemporary, classical, rock and easy listening music, suitable for running, walking or other leisurely pursuits.

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