Fall Beach Looks: Great Luxury Trends That Won’t Break the Bank

Fall Beach Looks: Great Luxury Trends That Won’t Break the Bank

With the lifting of lockdown restrictions, I think it’s safe to say that a fall beach escape is very appealing to most of us right now. Make the most of your getaway by ensuring your look is as hot as the holiday temperatures with these on-trend ideas that’ll make you, and your credit card, smile, and that’ll save some space in your case, too!

99 Degrees in the Shades

One of the most important components of your beach look is your sunglasses. The right pair of shades can take your holiday ensemble from fair enough to fabulous, so take some time to pick the eyewear that suits you best.

As with normal spectacles, the shape of your face will largely determine which style of frames will work for you. For example, a square shape will love round, oval, and oversized shades, while a rounder face will benefit from blockier, squarer frames. Heart-shaped faces can usually pull off most frame styles. If your face is petite, you may need to be mindful of larger frames looking disproportionate compared to your features. A classic pair of Ray-Ban glasses in their signature Wayfarer or Aviator styles will normally suit most face shapes and look great both with casual beachwear or with a sundress for drinks on the terrace later, so are the perfect option for your holiday hold-all. Be sure to check that the lenses on your chosen sunglasses have full UV protection, too.

Maxi-mum Style

A beautiful, floaty maxi dress is your best friend on the beach; use it as a coverup in the sun, to keep warm as dusk falls, and to wear while sipping cocktails in the ocean-view bar when night falls. Investing in a couple of maxi dresses in different colors and designs is a great way of making your holiday budget work hard for you. Be sure to match your dresses with your swimsuit and beach bag, to take your put-together look to the next level.

Florals are currently taking over the fashion world, so opt for a maxi incorporating flower patterning or detail to stay beautifully on-trend.

Short and Sweet

If you want a different option to the classic swimsuit or bikini, think about a set comprising swim shorts and a crop top. These sporty numbers are now widely available, in a range of colors and styles, including designer and embellished options. The beauty of these sets is that they’re swimwear and beachwear in one, so you don’t need to necessarily get changed once you get out of the sea and are ready to hit the boardwalk. Different leg lengths are available, so choose from hot pants or a ‘boyleg’ style.

If a swimsuit is more your scene, then opt for a classic, simple shape in black; this style not only looks great with everything but, budget-wise, it’s a good choice as, just like the little black dress, it will simply never go out of fashion.

Hair Scarves and Wraps

A silk hair scarf is a perfect way to stay cool, keep your hair under control, and look effortlessly glamorous at the same time! Choose delicate pastel shades and patterns and opt for a scarf made of natural rather than synthetic fibers to increase your comfort levels. Simply sweep your hair back in an artfully messy updo and tie or wrap your hair using the scarf. In terms of maximizing the space in your suitcase, a pretty silk scarf can also be used as an accessory for your wrist, to thread through the belt-loops on jeans, and larger-sized scarves can be put to use as a cover-up for the shoulders when things heat up.

Heads Up

A quality sunhat not only provides vital protection against sunburn and heatstroke but can also super-charge your beach look. This season, there are two key styles to choose from, so try on both options to figure out which suits you best. Only buy online if you are confident of your hat size, to avoid an annoying return.

A classic wide-brimmed sunhat is timeless and can be incorporated into any beach look. Go as large as you dare with the size! Panama hats are hot right now, too, so add a bit of flair to your swimsuit and maxi dress with an option in cream or white, or choose a hat in cerise or bright blue for a fun take on this style.

Bags of Style

A beach bag isn’t just a way of getting your gear from the hotel to the sand. It’s an opportunity to flaunt one of the season’s luxury trends. Choose a woven, textured-leather tote or a large, slouchy woolen handbag with subtle detailing to add effortless chic to your look; these budget-friendly options transition easily from beach to bar, so help you to pack light, too. Look out for beach bags made using organic cotton and recycled materials.

Consider using your beach bag as your hand luggage if you’re flying to your fall break, to further save on space in your case.

Life’s a Beach

When you’re packing for your fall beach getaway, don't forget your water shoe and use the above tips to help you make the most of your budget and your holiday style. Buy quality items, that have been manufactured sustainably where possible, that can be put to multiple uses...so you have plenty of room in your case for all the things you’re going to buy with the savings!