Amazing Family Vacations with Asia Transpacific Journeys

Amazing Family Vacations with Asia Transpacific Journeys
Both exhilarating and educational, Asia Transpacific Journeys is renowned for creating trips that span the interests of generations, including activities to fascinate everyone from young children to Grandma. While planning a trip for a group with varying interests can seem daunting, Asia Transpacific Journeys' decades of expertise makes the experience seamless and even fun. Their long-time relationships with partners and guides in Asia and the Pacific ensures that your trip is relaxing, fun, educational, and goes off without a hitch.

Thailand is the perhaps the ultimate family destination, with a wide variety of sites and experiences for everyone to enjoy. Begin by visiting the luminous city of Bangkok, where a day tour will help you to indulge in all the remarkable, historic qualities the region has to offer. Visit colorful, bustling markets and Chinatown to experience the delicious aromas and tastes that Thailand has to offer. Then escape on a relaxing bike ride into the gorgeous countryside to enjoy Thailand from a wholly different perspective. End the trip with a visit to the island paradise of Krabi. With ample outdoor activities–canoeing, snorkeling, walks in the rain forest–your family can bask in the natural and exquisite beauty that is Southern Thailand.

Looking for the definitive cultural experience to enrich your children's education? Look no further than China–Asia Transpacific Journeys creates unparalleled, hands-on, cultural immersion trips to this fascinating country. Visit an iconic landmark in Asian history and one of the Seven Wonders of the World–The Great Wall of China. The wall stretches from the Gobi Desert to the ocean, leaving in its wake a masterpiece for tourists and locals alike to behold. Asia Transpacific Journeys believes that every trip should be a Journey Beyond the Ordinary™, so you will do more than just take a photo–you'll walk along a seldom-visited part of the while in the company of an expert local historian to firmly grasp the role of The Wall in Chinese myth, history and culture. Delve into contemporary Chinese life in the bustling city of Beijing. Though the city is densely populated, Asia Transpacific Journeys knows where to find its quiet corners and traditional neighborhoods. Walk or ride a bike ride through some of these unique areas to witness the daily routines of the local Chinese people.

If sand, waves, and relaxation are on your family's mind, Asia Transpacific Journey's exciting adventures span more than just Asia. Head down under to Australia for unique wildlife, vibrant cities, beautiful beaches and adventuresome water sports. Introduce your kids to distinctive Australian animals, like the kangaroo and koala, giving them peak into wonder of the natural world. For first time visitors to this unique continent-country, visiting Sydney is a must. There is plenty to do including visiting the weekend markets which provide delectable foods and souvenirs. At night, enjoy a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House. When your family wants to get away from the city, take time to enjoy Australia's beautiful beaches with a surf lesson or a cocktail while you watch the kids bask in the Australian sun. Feeling adventurous? Allow Asia Transpacific Journeys to arrange a family snorkeling trip to the Great Barrier Reef, a profusion of colorful underwater beauty.

Whatever your interests or specifications may be, Asia Transpacific Journeys will go above and beyond to create an experience for you and your family that will be remembered for years to come.

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