Fantastic Ideas for an Ultra-Luxe Driving Vacation

Fantastic Ideas for an Ultra-Luxe Driving Vacation

Road trips have evolved over the years and the latest addition is the ultra-luxe driving vacation.

A road trip that lasts for a few days to weeks in one of your favorite cities or countries enjoying your favorite sights - That’s every road trip enthusiast’s dream!

This is the right time to go out of your comfort zone and travel in a way you have never traveled before.

Let us take a look at some fantastic ideas for an ultra-luxe driving vacation.

Preparation for Your Road Trip

Pick a Good Vehicle

An ultra-luxe driving vacation deserves an ultra-luxe vehicle!

Invest in a vehicle that is designed to take you on the road in the most royal way possible. If your driving vacation involves off-roading with rough terrain make sure you pick a vehicle that can handle it.

While cars are the most preferred vehicles for standard road trips - trucks are becoming quite popular among road trip enthusiasts because they are more powerful and can be quite flexible.

Some of the popular trucks for road trips include the Ford - 150, Chevrolet Silverado and the Honda Ridgeline.

There are also great underrated ones like Nissan Frontier and Rivian RIT.

Make Your Vehicle Comfortable

A driving vacation is not ultra-luxe if you are not comfortable throughout the entire journey.

And a big part of making yourself comfortable is making sure that your vehicle’s interior is comfortable.

Here are a few ways to do so.

  • Declutter your vehicle. Clean out all the trash including food wrappers and discarded bills.
  • Position your vehicle's seat properly. Your knees shouldn’t be bent too much when you reach for the gas pedal and your head should be more or less in the middle. And most importantly your body parts shouldn’t feel stressed or trained.
  • Purchase and keep some reflective sun shades for your vehicle’s windows during hot drives.
  • Dress up those seats. Make sure your seats are soft and comfortable and this can be achieved with the right seat covers for cars and even trucks. This is not just applicable to cars. 

Destination Ideas

Now that you are ready with your vehicle, it is time to look at some trending destinations for your very first ultra-luxe driving vacation!

New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its breathtaking views and stunning scenery.

Frankly, there’s no better place to have your first ever luxury road trip.

The roads are well developed, you can plan multiple stops along the way and the road rules are pretty much straightforward.

You can explore along the trails of New Zealand’s Southern Alps where you can take in the views of the beautiful mountains, the lush forests and the old-town sights.

The Otago Heritage Trail is a popular road trip trail for people who want a mix of old and modern New Zealand. Here you can stop along historic sites, art galleries, famous hotels and even venture through lush vineyards.


Norway has a diverse road network which allows travelers to make versatile and custom itineraries.

The picturesque landscapes, the scenic lakes, the magnificent mountains and the other sights are enough to get you packing right away.

Popular places for road trips include the Atlantic Road, Norway Express Route, Lofoten Road and Trollstigen Pass.


Europe remains one of the most sought-after places for luxury road trips since it has everything a road trip enthusiast needs. You can plan both interstate or intrastate trips depending on your schedule and preferences.

Some of the popular destinations include,

  • France - Napoleon Route, Regal Path, Coastal Trail, Romantic Route.

SightsCave of Baume Obscure, Laffrey Lakes, Pont Des Tuves, Harburg Castle.

Sights - Hohenaschau CastleHolzknecht Museum Ruhpolding, Lindau, Lake Königssee.

  • Italy - Great Dolomites Road, Amalfi Coast, Stelvio Pass, South East Sicily.

Sights - Parco Archeologico della Neapolis, Rosolini, Piazza Del Duomo, Path of the Gods, Pompeii.

Final Thoughts

An ultra-luxe driving vacation needs more extensive planning and research so don’t procrastinate on doing that.

Don’t spend all your time looking at pictures and dreaming about the sights - be practical and take every factor that will affect your trip into consideration.