Feel Good From the Inside with COMO Hotels and Resorts

Feel Good From the Inside with COMO Hotels and Resorts

Stress, boredom and anxiety over months of uncertainty has owed to many feeling sluggish and in need of proper rest. COMO Hotels and Resorts’ resident experts are on hand to provide a restorative reset, striving to help people achieve true wellness through food, fitness and mindfulness. With travel still on hold for many, follow these steps in order to lead a more balanced lifestyle, boost immunity and ultimately feel good from the inside.

COMO experts have designed a new self-care step to include in your morning routine, designed to reduce stress and reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. These self-massage techniques are deceptively simple in their tactile nature but extremely effective. A step by step guide for headaches, tired and sore feet and tight shoulders, they are at home techniques that incorporate pressing and pulling motions along with twisting, breathing and massage. Cleverly curated by the COMO Shambhala Wellness Experts, CLICK HERE to read more about these exercises that release held tension, promote endorphin release and assist with mental clarity.

For 1-2-1 unlimited access to COMO’S network of powerful instructors, the recently launched COMO Shambhala By My Side digital wellness companion is the ideal tool for providing an at home sanctuary way from the studio. The monthly subscription includes access to COMO’s live weekly schedule of fitness classes, each with a deep focus on enhancing holistic wellbeing, led by a panel of internationally accredited specialists. From yoga with Sarah Manning, a founding teacher of COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, to Pilates with Fhe Samia, a Master Trainer for the Systems of Smart Movement. Subscribe to COMO Shambhala By My Side for SGD 22 p/m (approx. £13).

When looking to make any nutritional changes, Eve Persak – the nutritionist behind the COMO Shambhala cookbook, The Pleasures of Eating Well - believes it is crucial to do so with accurate information and a healthy mindset – after all, a diet is more about feeling good than looking good. COMO Shambhala Cuisine is focused on preserving the nutritional integrity of food, created using culinary techniques that utilize the beneficial properties of every single ingredient. Recipes opt for natural alternatives and minimize the inclusion of sugar and processed carbs in order to increase energy levels and absorb nutrients. Those looking to delve deeper into nutrition and create a bespoke diet that works for them can arrange private consultations with Eve via Zoom, providing nutritional guidance grounded in years of experience. Virtual consultations with Eve are available through COMO Shambhala By My Side and initial consultations start from SGD 250 (approx. £142)

In addition to fitness classes, subscribers to COMO Shambhala By My Side will have access to the COMO Shambhala mindfulness experts and bespoke meditation sessions to help calm the body and mind. Mindfulness teacher Cheen Chong Tan has been training groups of students, teachers, carers and doctors since 2014 and advocates genuine awareness of thoughts and emotions, stressing the importance of practicing mindfulness. He believes now more than ever it is crucial for everyone to ground themselves in the silence of what is happening in our brains and truly connect with our feelings in order to live life to the full. Virtual consultations with Cheen are available through COMO Shambhala By My Side and initial consultations start from SGD 180 (approx. £103)

A true ‘retreat for change’, the COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali. will reopen its doors in December 2020 and what better way to kick start travel than with an immune-boosting retreat in the form of their Bespoke Wellness Programme. Rooted in what works – rather than what’s on trend – the program is tailored to help guests improve specific areas of wellbeing and increase energy levels, consisting of targeted therapies, nutritious menus, specialist COMO Shambhala treatments and bespoke consultations from the estate’s resident experts – including acupuncturists, dietitians and Ayuverdic doctors. All of which will take place within the idyllic estate, nestled in a spiritual enclave of jungle and plush rice paddies just a few miles from Ubud. To book, or to find out more information please visit comohotels.com