Ferragosto Summer Holidays in Portovenere

Ferragosto Summer Holidays in Portovenere

Have you ever heard of Ferragosto? It’s a national holiday in Italy and the peak of summer splendor!

This celebration has historical roots dating back to the time of Rome's first emperor, Octavian Augustus. In 18 BCE, he proclaimed the Feriae Augusti for Romans to recover from the long harvest season. It was celebrated across the Empire with widespread feasts, games, and horse races.

Today, Ferragosto is synonymous with August 15, coinciding with the religious feast of the Assumption of Mary. It's a cherished Italian tradition that brings people together in a truly unique way!

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August in Portovenere: special events in a unique location

Good company and excellent wine and food are essential to celebrate Ferragosto like an Italian! Palmaria Restaurant in Portovenere proposes a special party and menu for the occasion.

Just two days later, on 17 August, Portovenere hosts one of the most unique and beautiful events: the Festival of the Madonna Bianca. The entire village lights up with over 2000 torches and candles, including Byron’s Grotto and the rocky spur of Punta San Pietro!

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If you love the idea of listening to live music while sipping fine wines and original cocktails in a sea-view terrace, check out the calendar of events at Venus Bar and Palmaria Restaurant, featuring concerts throughout the month.

Near Portovenere, you can enjoy the exciting Palio del Golfo on 6 August and the fun exhibition of Francesco Musante until 30 August.

Summer is the perfect season to book boat tours to discover secluded bays around the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre!

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August offer for Ferragosto in Portovenere

Do you want to embrace the magic of these traditional festivities in a beautiful location like the Gulf of Poets on the Italian Riviera?

Grand Hotel Portovenere proposes a special rate for Ferragosto: 16% off for stays of at least 3 nights between 10 and 26 August 2023. Book direct on the hotel’s official website to secure this exclusive deal including buffet breakfast, wifi, access to the PressReader digital newsstand, VAT and a reserved parking place in the on-site garage.