Fine Dining at Apéritif Restaurant Bali

Fine Dining at Apéritif Restaurant Bali

"Astonishing!" and "Exquisite cuisine! Every bite was breathtaking!" are how patrons of Apéritif Restaurant in Bali describe their culinary experience at this fine dining establishment. With almost three hundred 4 to 5-star ratings on Tripadvisor, Apéritif Restaurant is highly rated as one of the best restaurants for fine dining Bali. I invite you to embark on a culinary adventure to uncover what makes this fine restaurant in Ubud, Bali, so “Astonishing” and discover what makes their cuisine “exquisite.”

The Elegant Ambiance

Apéritif, Bali, is set overlooking a jungle valley and is one of Bali's newest fine-dining restaurants and bars. The décor is 1920's and is sure to transport you back into a time when the early twenties were notorious as the “roaring twenties.” But, the décor at Apéritif is just the beginning of your exquisite culinary adventure.

To mark the commencement of your culinary journey at Apéritif, you are pampered with a pre-dinner drink and canapés to make you feel welcome. The friendly and detail-oriented restaurant staff surely know how to spoil guests, and they take their time to make every guest feel like royalty.

For wine connoisseurs, you might be happy to learn that Apéritif has over 180 of the world’s most exclusive wines. They boast one of the best wine cellars in Bali, which happens to be a standout feature of the restaurant's décor and design.

Experiencing A Symphony Of Flavors

Experiencing A Symphony Of Flavors

Apéritif’s lunch and dinner menus combine the flavors of modern gastronomy with lesser-known Indonesian ingredients sourced globally and from their own greenhouse harvest. So, you can be confident that every mouthwatering bite of your meal is prepared from fresh and wholesome ingredients.

The pre-dinner drink and canapes are only the start of a culinary explosion. It invites you to experience a symphony of flavors. A stunning view of the lush jungle before you ensures you are well-primed for the seven-course degustation menus that expert chefs have so carefully and meticulously prepared. With decorative names like “avant-garde degustation”, “romantic candlelight degustation”, and “vegetarian degustation”, Apéritif has a menu to suit every style and palette.

Items on the menu include signature dishes like chicken liver mousse, cured red snapper, Hokkaido scallops, Venison Wellington, and Kurobuta pork, made with a choice of either mango, melon or a Rouennaise sauce. Vegans and vegetarians might be pleased to know that the master chefs at Apéritif have carefully prepared a delectable menu which includes tantalizing dishes like Eggplant, Balado, and Leek, or Chawanmushi, Mushroom and Dashi. A cheese trolley will surely delight with a selection of nuts, chutney, or Rucola.

Innovative Techniques and Exquisite Gastronomy

Every dish is made with high-quality ingredients, innovative techniques and artistic presentation. It is a sensory experience beyond taste, where the presentation, aroma and tableware contribute to your overall experience.

And what about dessert? Peanut butter mousse or tropical chocolate will sweeten your palette if it hasn't been already! If you are feeling adventurous, a “healthy” slice of Black Forest with dark chocolate, cherry and meringue awaits your taste buds.

Aperitif Restaurant wine pairing

Fine Wine Pairings

Apéritif’s in-house Sommeliers carefully curate premium wines from around the world, and guests can choose from bold reds to crisp whites. A flawless selection of Reds, Whites and Champagnes are expertly chosen to complement each dish. For fans of Rosé, a bottle of “Château de I’Escarelle “Les Deux Anges” Côtes de Provence, France 2021" will set you back around IDR 1,500. If you want to try something different, a bottle of Domain Mamaruta or "Trafalgar" Orange Wine Côtes du Roussillon France might be the one to try!

If you aim to spoil your significant other with a delectable culinary experience, Apéritif has you covered. A Romantic Candlelight degustation menu for two sets the mood in a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

A Private Dining Experience and Bespoke Events

For a private dining experience, why not try out Apéritif's private dining room. Experience the passion and creativity of executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken and his team as they personally guide you through a memorable degustation dinner experience. The minimum charge for an exclusive dinner opportunity will cost you IDR 22,000,000 for a group of twelve guests.

But, it is a worthwhile investment that is almost certain to guarantee you a front-row seat into the inner workings of Ubud’s fine food experience. Your private dining room offers a personalized view of the restaurant's kitchen, and you have the unique opportunity to watch Chef Nic Vanderbeeken and his team engage in skillfully preparing your meal.

If you are planning a special occasion, Apéritif’s talented team will work closely with you to carefully plan every detail, ensuring your event is successful. Bespoke parties are common at Apéritif, and their team is expertly skilled in assembling a menu that will have your guests gawking at every dish laid out before them.

One satisfied guest who visited Apéritif to celebrate a wedding anniversary was even surprised with a wedding anniversary cake by the restaurant staff. She rated her experience service five stars on Tripadvisor, saying, "High class dining with fantastic service! Apéritif is a place where you enjoy the degustation type of dining where the food is an art.

Aperitif Restaurant Bali

Dining at Apéritif: A Unique Experience

Fine dining in Bali is incomplete without experiencing the lavish luxury of eating at Apéritif Restaurant. With so many positive reviews and 5-star ratings on Tripadvisor, this unique experience speaks for itself. It leaves you with a lasting impression of a memorable holiday in Bali and an exquisite dining experience at one of Bali’s finest dining establishments. You will only be left with pleasant memories of an experience reminiscent of the roaring 1920s; hoping to return soon!