Five Exciting Things To Do in Dubai

Five Exciting Things To Do in Dubai

Exploring the city of Gold...Every year, millions of people visit Dubai for one reason – luxury. Dubai is one of the best places in the world for tourists. From its large, unexplored deserts and white sand beaches to gigantic skyscrapers, man-made islands, and sophisticated malls. The atmosphere is simply electric and it doesn’t get any better.

It wouldn’t be out of place to say that visiting Dubai should be on everyone’s bucket list. So, if you find yourself in the city, there are a couple of things to try out if you want to make your stay worthwhile. We will take you through five things to do in Dubai. Let’s go!

Dubai safari

Safari Trip

A safari trip may cost you anywhere from 100 AED to 1,000 AED but it is certainly worth it. This trip helps you to escape the rush and congestion of Dubai and relax in the calm of the desert. You can get picked up from your hotel as you prepare for your adventure into the remote area. Get ready to enjoy the famous Arabian hospitality throughout your journey.

You can see the towering dunes and silky red sands of Lehbab, an area just 50 kilometres from the city’s centre. Fun activities at the desert include dune bashing, sand-boarding, desert camp activities, and even a BBQ dinner. Do not forget to hop on a camel or relish the quad bike experience before going back to your lodge.

Abu Dhabi mosque

Abu Dhabi private trip

We could go over a thousand reasons to rent a luxury car for this experience. The amazing city of Abu Dhabi has everything – Monumental museums, mosques, malls, and high-rise buildings made of glass. Picture yourself surrounded by beautiful Islamic architecture while enjoying a delicious Arabic lunch.
You can go about your trip with a private driver and local host. You do not have to worry about your safety because local regulations would have been put in place to make you feel more comfortable. Other places to visit include an authentic date market and Abu Dhabi’s grand mosque.

Dubai luxury car rentals

Rent a Luxury car in Dubai

Dubai has 540 cars per thousand people, so there’s no way we are not going to talk about cars, rentals, and the city roads. A popular quote says, “Life is too short to drive a boring car.” Therefore, if you are in Dubai, now is the time to live out all your fancy car imaginations. You would be stoked to find out that renting that Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, or Maserati is cheaper than you could ever imagine, especially compared to the United States and Europe.

Renting Luxury cars in Dubai is easy whether you have a special occasion or not. Also, you may not need an international driving permit and the company may even give you a driver to make things easier. Also, it does not take much to enjoy the city roads. The luxury car you rent will likely come with a navigation system. Other options include renting a GPS or using Google Maps on your smartphone.

Burj Khalifa

Visit the Burj Khalifa

What is better than seeing the tallest building in the world? Having a 360° view. Your visit to Dubai is not complete if you have not had a trip to Burj Khalifa.

You can have half-day or full-day tours tailor-made to suit your desires. All you need to do is to rent a luxury car to pick up and drop you off at your location. Notable floors to get yourself on are the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors. You can already fancy the sights from the observation decks of such heights. What’s more? You can watch the Dubai fountain show from there. A little trivia, Burj Khalifa is about 830metres tall from the bottom to its tip.

On your way to the building, you would be overwhelmed by the city view of some notable landmarks. Discover the human-made Dubai Marina and enjoy the most amazing panoramic viewpoints. At the ground level, you will learn about the building’s history, landscaping, architecture, and entire construction.

Dubai balloons

Hot air balloon ride

At the end of the day, we are only left with memories. One of the best memories to create upon your visit to Dubai is to have a hot air balloon ride. Do you want to know what’s in it for you? Here’s what to expect – an iconic experience of dawn over the sands, a falcon flying demonstration from the balloon, a ride in a luxury car, all-inclusive trips with gourmet dessert breakfast, and much more!

You will get a safety briefing and would be with a pilot in the basket. This basket can contain up to 24 passengers. While ascending into the air, you can relish geological features as well as wildlife. After the balloon ride, you can give yourself a treat as you get dropped off at the starting point.

While in Dubai, it is worthwhile to learn about some art, heritage, and culture. Why not take a heritage walk through Sharjah. You will get to explore ageless souks, grand museums, sophisticated mosques, and a romantic waterfront. Don’t worry, getting a tour guide is easy, so you would not get lost or overwhelmed.

It’s Time to Explore!

The exciting thing about these five things to do in Dubai is that you have shared and private options. Therefore, whether you want to go solo or do so with your partner, kids, and friends, the choice is all yours. Exploring the city of Dubai has never been easier. Renting a luxury car addresses most of your itinerary problems and you can sit back and have a treat. It’s time to explore!