Five Interesting Facts about the Volcanic Wines of Santorini

Five Interesting Facts about the Volcanic Wines of Santorini
Learn more about Santorini's wines and volcanic soil that overlooks Aegean Sea with these five facts and you will soon realize why the volcanic wines of Santorini are erupting the wine scene as a world-class competitor!

CLIMATE Gorgeous? Yes. Extreme? Definitely. The climate of Santorini is fierce. Winds can be brutal and blow for several weeks. The sun can also be harsh and humidity ranges from near saturation to low.

ASPA Being that Santorini is an island that is 3,700 years old, very arid and without tillable earth, it’s not exactly accurate to call it soil. Locally called aspa, this unique terroir is made up of pumice laden ash and rock from the island’s plentiful volcanic explosions.

GYRISTI Wine-growers have adapted to the extreme conditions of Santorini by developing a unique form of vine training called gyristi. Each winter, shoots from the previous year are woven into a circular shape that begins to resemble a basket. Grapes are then protected from wind and extreme sun.

GRAPES Assyrtiko occupies three-quarters of Santorini’s vineyards, often combined with the two other main island varietals: Athiri and Aidiani. These white wines are all typically enjoyed young and the ideal complement to delicate dishes, fish, seafood and anything on the grill.

TASTE The most wonderful part of it all – the taste. With high acids, salinity, and complex minerality, volcanic wines from Santorini are often called savory, fresh and bright - dominated by earthy and herbal notes.

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