Five New Design-Led Homes Join Greece’s White Key Villas

Five New Design-Led Homes Join Greece’s White Key Villas

Greece’s White Key Villas, the country’s leading luxury villa and hospitality company, announce five new, standout properties for summer 2021. All are new builds ideal for a socially distanced vacation or long-stay work-from-home situation in five diverse destinations: the Cycladic capital (and often overlooked island) of Syros, the tony northern coastal town of Halkidiki, the chic hotspot of Paros, the mainland playground for the Athenian jet-set, Porto Heli, and even an off-the-beaten escape in yes, the swirling, cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. Further, the company has expanded its home-schooling amenities and private tutelage to include classes on Greek philosophy, poetry and ancient architecture.

HALKIDIKI: Villa Mellisos (pictured)- Positioned on the tip of a small cape right on sandy Lagomandra beach in Sithonia, this property is reminiscent of mythological Greek sceneries, while it also exemplifies modern design and architecture. Tucked in a private olive grove and a meticulous garden with panoramic sea views, the living experience here is an ode to the radiant Greek summer light and a celebration of fine living and design. The emphasis on style and conscious design is evident, not only by the custom-made furniture and fabulous textures and amenities, but also by the premium materials used in the most refined, minimal manner: steel, glass, stone and wood are matched to create spaces with distinct lines yet with a warmth creating an ultra-stylish ambiance.

SYROS: Villa Fanya - This brand-new property, designed by a renowned Greek architect, is an ode to sea-lovers bringing guests as close to the Aegean as possible. Located on a plot in Mega Gyalos, it descends right to sea level, while the movement of the sea hums a mesmerizing melody at all hours. Featuring a single-level design in modern, cubic volumes, the villa stretches to enjoy sea-views from any number of perspectives on the property. A fabulous pool terrace embellished by a colorful garden and direct access to the sea, through a beautiful wooden deck, creates a special private Cycladic oasis. Earthly colors harmoniously match the surrounding setting resembling a romantic modern canvas. The design and execution of the structure are meticulous and of premium quality. The large structural openings are truly compelling, allowing for the wonderful sea-views and natural light to pleasantly invade the interior living spaces.

PAROS: Villa Santhia - With a privileged beachfront location on famed Golden Beach, this property is a captivating private summer residence offering lavish accommodation and access to exhilarating water-sport facilities. Featuring a relaxed and beautiful single level design, the villa enjoys beautiful views of the Aegean Sea with a spacious garden planted with indigenous herbs and exotic cacti. Traditional white in color, the structure is nuanced by natural stone and premium wooden installations, such as the wonderful pergolas and built-in outdoor furniture. The interplay between summery, bright white surfaces and fine wood accents extends to both the interior and exterior spaces showcasing modern design infused with elegant boho styling. Lavishly comfortable accommodations create alluring, carefree living spaces equipped with cutting-edge facilities. Added privacy is provided by the allocation of the bedrooms in two separate areas, the main house and the guest house, allowing parties to enjoy seclusion or social time, depending on their preference.

PORTO HELI: Villa Aminda - This stunning architectural villa is located on a beachfront plot in Kounoupi in Porto Heli, opposite the island of Dokos and a swift drive to prestigious Costa. Its magnificent size boasts a 100-meter waterfront façade, featuring expansive living spaces with huge openings to the sea and surrounding Mediterranean garden. Superior design aesthetics, luxurious amenities and access to three private small coves, create an exclusive, premium profile of this villa. Nestled inside a verdurous olive grove with tall pine trees and a plethora of herbs, further adds to its blissful surroundings. Striking modern lines are sketched using premium materials with dominant natural wood elements warming up the minimal living spaces and softening the surfaces.

MYKONOS: Villa Remvy - Situated above Agios Sostis beach, one of the last pure sandy shores in Mykonos, this sophisticated summer villa is a fabulous luxury enclave that perfectly showcases the more private side of this extroverted cosmopolitan island. The property exudes refined style that combines traditional Cycladic architecture with an elegant modern twist, exemplifying a wellness and mindfulness ethos, featuring a fabulous pool patio and a stunning yoga terrace. This inspirational villa consists of a white-washed main house and three independent guest houses, one of which has kept its original pigeon house design. This independent layout of the volumes allows for wonderful private accommodation, while the plethora of common areas, inside as well as outdoors, inspire breezy get-togethers.