Flewber Launches Innovative Booking App for Private Aviation Travel

Flewber Launches Innovative Booking App for Private Aviation Travel

On its mission to drive more connectivity through shared experiences, Flewber Inc. announces the launch of the new Flewber app: an innovative technology platform that is redefining private air travel by offering seamless access to true on-demand private regional flights and long-range private flights throughout North America and the Caribbean. From frequent private fliers to those who haven’t yet had the opportunity, Flewber brings the luxuries of private travel to the masses – democratizing what was once unattainable to most, with no barrier to entry and flight costs just slightly more than a first-class ticket.

Unique to the private aviation marketplace, the newest iteration of the Flewber mobile app bridges the gap between travelers and aircraft owners and operators, just as ridesharing platforms have done with riders and cars on terra firma, enabling users to locate and book private flights at more affordable prices, share their booking with fellow travelers, and experience the comfort, safety, and conveniences that are drawing people to the private aviation industry at a blistering rate.

From busy Wall Street executives looking to close a deal in Boston or retirees taking part in revenge travel and crossing off a bucket list item, to college students traveling across state lines for an away game, or a group of friends embarking on a spontaneous weekend getaway in the Hamptons, Flewber brings the benefits of private air travel through a process as effortless as ordering dinner from a food delivery service.

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“The vision for Flewber is to open travelers’ eyes to the inherent luxuries and excitement of private aviation,” said Marc Sellouk, Founder and CEO of Flewber. “What we are offering is a simple way for users to book flights while simultaneously connecting FAA Licensed Part 135 private airlines to travelers. With demand for private aviation growing and people eager to travel again, the launch of the Flewber app is primed to shake up the industry for the better.”

Simplicity and Reliability with the Tap of a Few Buttons

There is an array of reasons a traveler might choose to fly privately in 2022 and beyond – from the safety of social distancing from large airport crowds to avoiding TSA lines or reaching hard-to-get-to regional cities. Between the effort to book private flights and the costs involved, many have resolved that private travel will simply never be available to them, which is what the Flewber app aims to negate. While the cost of Flewber LX’s long-range flights vary depending on trip distance and aircraft chosen, Flewber Xpress’ air taxi service to regional markets within a 300-mile radius will never cost more than $3,700 plus tax one-way or $7,400 plus tax roundtrip, for an aircraft that can seat anywhere from six to eight passengers. The key to the app’s streamlined and reliable approach is how it reshapes the traditional private aviation equation by connecting users directly to aircraft operators. Flewber's vast network offers travelers more than 9,000 aircraft in a wide range of categories and passenger capacities for flights to more than 1,900 private airports across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

While most airline apps are designed for prospecting rather than booking and offer little in the way of recourse should passengers require refinements to a reservation, travelers pay no membership or subscription fees to join and use Flewber. The new app is driven by functionality – simple in design, intuitive in use, and intended to connect users with private aircraft that are perfectly suited to their needs while offering inviting opportunities to save money and customize the booking experience.

Innovative new app features include:

  • Before finalizing the booking, Flewber offers a social “Share” feature for the user to alert friends via social media that a trip is in the works. Once co-passengers confirm their interest, an aircraft can be booked and waiting, all they have to do is chip in to be a part of it!
  • Choose from private regional (Flewber Xpress) or long-range flights (Flewber LX), all guaranteed to be perfectly suited to the size of the customer’s travel group and the airports they plan to fly to and from.
  • Search for a private flight by airport code, address, or point of interest: a first-of-its-kind feature offering the potential for convenience to private airports that may be located mere miles from a user’s home or final destination.
  • Flewber offers only real-time pricing directly from operators, ensuring that app users get the price they are quoted for the flight they need. There are no last-minute substitutions at elevated rates that are so often frustrating for users of commercial airline apps.
  • An innovative “Book or Bid” feature gilds the Flewber experience with the potential for cost savings and a bit of excitement. Upon choosing a private aircraft, app users are offered the option to book immediately at a quoted price or submit a bid for as low as 60% of that price. The Flewber app then searches for flights closer to the lower bid – a very real possibility, given the prevalence of “empty leg” flights that operators are eager to fill. Upon receiving a lower offer, users then have 15 minutes to accept and save.

No matter the reason for choosing private, all guests can bask in the opulent ambiance of the experience from start to finish. The private aviation experiences Flewber offers are a stark contrast from flying commercial. Passengers pull right up to their aircraft, arriving at the airport as little as 15 minutes before flight time with no standing in TSA lines, passing through metal detectors, or removing shoes or laptops required. Rather than squeeze in with crowds at commercial airports, private aviation flyers are welcomed by Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) that offer business class-style lounges and services such as valet parking, business communications technologies, and snacks and beverages to encourage relaxation pre-flight.

The new Flewber app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices and is now available to download via the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information, please visit www.flewber.com.