Flutter Eyewear: Gorgeous Reading Glasses for Stylish Women

Flutter Eyewear: Gorgeous Reading Glasses for Stylish Women
Flutter was founded by two long-time friends and business women from the San Francisco area -- Patti Lee-Hoffmann and Gayle Haworth -- who found themselves coming up empty when shopping for decent looking reading glasses. When Gayle and Patti discovered that many of their friends suffered the same disappointing shopping experience, the idea for Flutter was born. Flutter Eyewear solves the problem of finding stylish reading glasses.

The Flutter website, fluttereyewear.com, sells sophisticated, affordable glasses and sun readers to fit any face shape -- even hard-to-fit oblong shaped faces. The company's website offers easy-to-use online and offline tools to help you find the perfect fit.

Flutter Elphaba S

If your next vacation happens to be at Napa's world-class luxury resort, Auberge du Soleil you'll find Flutter Eyewear in their boutique.

Flutter reading glasses are little personalities just waiting to be slipped on. Unlike run-of-the-mill reading glasses, Flutter readers can be instant sex appeal, instant stature, or instant glamour -- depending upon your mood. They've even been featured on the Today Show (Kathy Lee & Hoda), Oprah.com, Southern Living, MORE Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Ebony, Huffington Post, Gentry Magazine among others.


Many of Gayle's and Patti's best friends are dogs. It makes sense then that Flutter's owners are also passionate about dogs trained to help people with disabilities. A portion of their profits go to service dog training schools.

Visit website: fluttereyewear.com

Patti Lee-Hoffmann and Gayle HaworthFlutter founders Patti Lee-Hoffmann and Gayle Haworth