For the Traveler Who Has Everything: Deluxe Italian Luggage, from Roncato

For the Traveler Who Has Everything: Deluxe Italian Luggage, from Roncato
Made by the Roncato family of Campodarsego, Italy, it's known for its innovative materials and cutting-edge technology. And it's still manufactured in northern Italy, an increasingly rare practice.

Roncato luggage is lightweight yet durable and loaded with unique details, such as innovative locking systems and removable, washable linings (why didn't someone think of this sooner?). All Roncato products include a 10-year global warranty.

The UNO Zip Deluxe

Roncato's premium hard-sided collection is made of European Polycarbonate, chosen for its light weight, durability, and elasticity. It features Roncato's distinctive Diamond Tip finish, accented with premium leather trim. It's both striking and highly scratch-resistant. Featuring a combination zipper/TSA lock system, the line includes spinners in three sizes and a matching weekend bag. $550 - $995, in Champagne.

The Alessio-B ‘Street Art' Collection

Roncato teamed up with Alessio-B, a hot Italian street artist, to create this one-of-a-kind luggage. Alessio-B is a Paduan artist who combines torn posters, stencils, graffiti, glitter, and various paints to create Euro pop art. His work is widely exhibited throughout Europe.

Alessio-B's artwork is printed directly on Roncato's European Polycarbonate shell and is protected by an abrasion and scratch-resistant finish. The Alessio-B line includes five styles and three sizes…none of which can possibly be overlooked on the baggage carousel. $625-$695.

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