Four Seasons Bali Launches Chakra Balance Massage

Four Seasons Bali Launches Chakra Balance Massage
Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay has launched its latest innovation: the Chakra Balance Massage with Aura-Soma®, a sensitive, 90-minute treatment at the resort's award-winning Healing Village Spa. Aura-Soma® – which literally means ‘light body' – uses the vibrational power of color to rebalance the body's seven main chakras or energy wheels. Seven designated Aura-Soma® chakra oils containing the living energies of plants, essential oils, gems and crystals each target a specific chakra, and combine with sound, breath and gentle massage to induce a meditative-state that enables emotional and physical release to happen.

The launch of the unique treatment follows intensive training of the resort's Balinese therapists by Aura-Soma® certified practitioner and teacher, Patricia Grace. “Sometimes the lightest of touch can assist in releasing the deepest pain held in the body. It is about connecting to our energy centers, pacifying the nervous system and allowing a flow of energy through the chakras,” said Patricia.

As opposed to a deep tissue massage, the focus is on touch and connection rather than muscle manipulation, said Luisa Anderson, Regional Director of Spa for Four Seasons Resorts Bali. “This is an incredibly powerful treatment. I joined the training and we had therapists who themselves experienced emotional release, even as they learned a new method of healing. There were some tears – followed by a lot of smiles and shining faces,” said Luisa.

The Balinese know only too well the principles of Sekala and Niskala - the seen and unseen – neither of which exists without the other. So too in this sensitive yet effective experience, the balancing massage brings harmony to both the seen and unseen forces of nature. Therapists use Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottles, quintessences and pomanders corresponding to the seven chakras: the Deep Red pomander promotes ‘energy', Orange ‘insight', Yellow ‘happiness', Green ‘space given', Blue ‘peace', Violet ‘calm and transformation', and Magenta ‘care and compassion'.

At the beach-front Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, the Healing Village Spa offers an idyllic setting within a traditional Balinese garden for this sensitive and subtle Chakra Balance Massage with Aura-Soma®. Eleven treatment rooms include three couple's suites and three ocean-edge pavilions (known as “bales”), while the new Nirvana Shanti Bale offers an ultra-sensory venue for spa treatments, yoga and meditation in a private corner of the resort, on the edge of the Indian Ocean. For deeper relaxation, luxurious men's and women's changing rooms provide hot and cold plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms – perfect before a massage to enhance the effects. The Spa facility also incorporates a studio, gym with cardiovascular equipment and floodlit “Wimbledon” tennis court.

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