Four Seasons Resort Lanai Offers Poolside Spa Treatments for the Whole Family

Four Seasons Resort Lanai Offers Poolside Spa Treatments for the Whole Family
All treatments include cooling cucumbers for eyes, a chilled oshibori for the face, and a spritz of passion fruit to scent the journey. Guests will enjoy stunning views of the Pacific as well as relax at the resort's new adults-only pool retreat with private sanctuaries and a lagoon-style experience, complete with whirlpools, for a unique alternative to the ocean and beach.

The Poolside Pampering Spa Menu features:

• Paradise Massage - A pampering shoulder and neck massage performed with a scented lotion of choice. 30/45 min.; $80/$110
• Mai Ka Lani Foot Massage - Soothe and massage soles with a rich scented lotion of choice, leaving feet blissfully moisturized. 30/45 min.; $80/$110
• Hulopo'e Foot Treatment - Enjoy an aromatic foot exfoliation that smoothes and cleanses the skin, followed by a relaxing massage. 30/45 min.; $80/$110
• Just for Keiki - Treat a little one to a calming massage, head and shoulder massage or a tiny toe massage just for younger guests twelve and under. 10/20 min.; $30/$55

Following a spa treatment, the handy "Do Not Disturb" markers ensure that quiet time at the pool stays that way – guests can simply flip the stones over when they are ready to order light refreshments or book dinner later that evening. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., pool attendants regularly stop by to offer treats such as agave lemonade, frozen grapes or pineapple, fruit or coffee smoothies, magazines, complimentary personal-size sunscreen and water coolers to enhance a day in paradise.

Lastly, guests have the option to book a luxury Sanctuary for added privacy with comfortable couches and oversized lounge chairs, as well as spa treatments, private dining and more. A variety of packages are offered, including welcome cocktails, chilled wine, fresh fruit, a waterproof camera or a COOLA Sun Care Kit.

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