Frame Fitness Brings Pilates Outside the Studio with Frame Reformer

Frame Fitness Brings Pilates Outside the Studio with Frame Reformer

An exercise that has been gathering more attention lately is Pilates, especially after many celebrities have admitted their participation in the workout, including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, and others. Many of them are passionate about the workout because of the many benefits that come with it. It lies in the science of movement and strength, as it is considered to be a “low impact exercise that creates optimal strength through muscle balance and fine-tuning neuromuscular patterns.” This strengthens the foundation of your body, protecting from injuries, maximizing movement, and working deep muscles. In fact, Jennifer Aniston uses the practice to help with her chronic back pain and a hip problem, while Madonna has also used it to overcome an injury. However, the benefits of Pilates don’t stop at just recovery and protection, but it also improves the state in which your body feels and stands. Kate Hudson admitted that “Every time I finish a class I feel two inches taller, lighter and more grounded” on an Instagram post regarding the practice.

However, Pilates can be perceived as not having the simplest set up, since there is equipment and space needed in order to practice. This can be intimidating to some, which may deter many from trying it in the first place because one would have to commit to a studio and classes for it. Along with that, the COVID-19 pandemic had many people transition to at-home based workouts, which discouraged the idea of going to classes with people surrounding them. In fact, there is an estimated growth for the at-home fitness sector of $1.9 billion over the next three years. That is why Frame Fitness’s goal to provide an at-home alternative for Pilates is all the more vital today.

Frame Fitness aims to tackle the many different factors that come with having a Pilates machine at home through their Frame Reformer, which differs from regular alternatives. It does so by focusing on not only having a sleek design to complement different spaces, but also a foldable structure making it great for storing. Moreover, one of the greater defining factors is its built-in digital screen that offers an array of classes that are meant to guide you through the movements and goals of the workout.

After being a long-time teacher of Pilates, CEO, Melissa Bentivoglio, aims to have the machine work with everyone of all genders, sizes, and expertise level through the digital guidance it offers. Because Pilates focuses on form and specific movements, it can make all the difference having expert trainers guide the user to properly perform the actions in order to avoid any hurt and maximize its effectiveness. In doing so, one can experience the benefits of having a stronger core, an improved posture, greater flexibility and mobility, enhanced body awareness, and an improved mental state.

The ways in which we explore physical fitness today can vary with everyone, but finding that sport that suits you without having to deal with the limitations of taking classes or being in a studio can make it all the more feasible and appealing. Frame Fitness’s mission is to tackle these obstacles and make it easy for users to prioritize their physical health.