Travel Destinations to Celebrate Friends’ 25th Anniversary

Travel Destinations to Celebrate Friends’ 25th Anniversary

This September marks the 25th anniversary of the hit series and pop culture phenomenon, Friends. Theaters across the country will be showing episodes and even Lego got in on the fun with a collectible set of Central Perk commemorating the event. Here we list where Friends characters would most likely travel:

RACHEL GREEN: Hotel Barrière Le Fouquet’s – The One for When Rachel Actually Goes to Paris

In the iconic conclusion of Friends, Rachel almost moves to Paris for a job at Louis Vuitton. While most fans will agree—they were hoping she would stay in NYC for Ross—there’s no doubt she’d eventually drag him on a lavish, fashion-filled excursion in the City of Lights. Rachel would be obsessed with the Paris Suite at Hotel Barrière Le Fouquet’s, a townhouse-style accommodation (plenty of room for Rachel, Ross and Emma!) with luxe golden décor, an oversized dressing room to store the 10 extra outfits she brought, a double-sized balneotherapy tub all to herself (we’re looking at you, Chandler!), preferred access to a spa that Phoebe most certainly does not work at (Spa Diane Barrière) and a premier shopping experience included! OH YEAH, and did we forget to mention: the Louis Vuitton Flagship store happens to be located directly across the street? Could this be Rachel’s version of heaven? We think so.

MONICA GELLER: Windsor Court Hotel – The One Where Monica Doesn’t Have to Clean

There’s clean, and then there’s Monica Clean. Only a few steps away from the French Quarter, the Windsor Court Hotel is where the staff pays special close attention to detail to accommodate each guest, especially a guest like Monica Geller who cleans – a lot. The crisp clean linens in her newly renovated premium suite plus the fresh bouquet of roses throughout the hotel would be the icing on the cake. Speaking of food, her appetite for good food will take her to The Grill Room where the best of New Orleans’ contemporary cuisine is served all day, including a Jazz Brunch for some refreshing tunes (minus Ross’ unique keyboard compositions, of course).

PHOEBE BUFFAY: Panama Jack Cancun – The One Where Phoebe Saves the Sea Turtles

It’s no secret that Phoebe has many hidden skills, like speaking multiple languages and her unconventional musical talent. Off the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, animal lovers like Phoebe at the all-inclusive Panama Jack Cancun can help with sea turtle conservation efforts at the on-site turtle farm and even be a part of hatching season. Massage enthusiasts can take advantage of the Mayan-inspired treatments at Aura Spa for a spiritual experience of the mind, body and soul. The resort’s all-day and night entertainment is perfect for those ready to dance the night away, and live music encourages all guests to be a part of the show (anyone up for a rendition of Smelly Cat?).

ROSS GELLER:Fossil Valley RV Park – The One Where Ross Takes His Kids Camping in Dinosaur Land

When Paleontologist dad Ross is actually “on a break,” he will be the first to reserve a plot at Fossil Valley RV Park via Ross can bring Ben and Emma camping to Dinosaur Land, USA (Vernal, UT), with his rock polisher at hand, and introduce them to his love of paleolithic history, as it’s located near the 200,000-acre Dinosaur National Monument filled with over 1,500 dinosaur fossils and hiking trails lined with petroglyphs. The quiet family-friendly campground is remote and far from any big city, so Ross can escape his neurotic tendencies, if only for a weekend. He’ll also be able to flex his very Ross-like frugal muscles since tent and RV sites here start at only $42/night.

CHANDLER BING: Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall – The One Where the Bings Take a Family Vacation

When it’s finally time for Chandler to take some PTO from his corporate advertising job, the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is a great escape for the Bings! Located on the Caribbean Sea, the all-inclusive, family-friendly Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall offers a variety of options for families like the Bings visiting with young children. Chandler and Monica can get some alone time on the beach (avoiding the jelly fish of course!) while Erica and Jack have supervised fun at the onsite Kidz Club for kids aged 3-12 with staff caretakers, or with a personal sitter who ensures they have a good time around the resort while he sits back and relaxes. To help the sometimes-neurotic Chandler sit back and relax, he can indulge in the balancing and relaxing treatments at the onsite Zen Spa. Entertainer Chandler will love the nightly performances, from theatrical presentations (likely a lot better than Joey’s plays!) to live music so that he can show off some of his famously terrible dance moves. 

JOEY TRIBBIANI: Hilton La Romana – The One Where Joey Takes A Not-So-Needed Break

When Joey isn’t playing Dr. Ramoray on Days of Our Lives or shooting a commercial for Ichiban, Lipstick for Men, he can take a tropical trip to the new all-inclusive, adults-only Hilton La Romana. At La Romana, Joey can binge and stuff his face at the poolside pizzeria and international buffet, plan an impromptu date at the Beach Bar, and scope for any soap stars (possibly soaking up the white sand beach next to his cabana as he sips a bottle of Presidente beer – all before realizing he’s really missing Chandler.