Stay Healthy with Juicepresso

Stay Healthy with Juicepresso
Internally Juicepresso houses a powerful DC motor, which is why they guarantee it to last at least seven years with daily juicing. Other cold pressed juicers use AC motors which are larger and less powerful, leaving you with a bulky appliance on your countertop.

While other cold press juicers operate at 80 RPM the Juicepresso operates at an incredibly slow 40 RPM. Although juicing time remains the same as traditional speed juicers, your fruits and vegetables are pressed slower, providing maximum juice extraction. Juicepresso provides up to 40% more juice than loud, old-fashioned juicers and since pressed juice lasts up to three days in your fridge, you can juice less often.

Inside the clear plastic drum lies Juicepresso's greatest feature. It's patented three in one screw! Other cold press juicers have several internal parts. Juicepresso has one, making it easy to clean. Simply pull your three in one screw out of the drum, rinse and place in the dishwasher. It's that easy, and we've made it BPA free!

Juicepresso is a great addition to any kitchen. There is simply no better way for you to enjoy the many benefits of juicing in your home. Highlights:

• Patented one-piece extraction system (three-in-one extractor systems, merges the auger, strainer and rotating brush components and dishwasher safe)
• New wider, slanted chute design minimizes prep time by accommodating larger fruit and vegetable pieces and feeding them into the drum unit by gravity
• New juice cap keeps juice in the cylinder without drips and dribbles until juicing is complete
• 40% more juice
• 72-hour juice life
• The smallest footprint and lowest maintenance of any in-home slow juicer on the market
• Make more than just juice; you can make soups, pancakes, almond milk, organic baby food, etc.

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