'Global Icons' Private Jet Tour Visits World's Most Famous Landmarks

'Global Icons' Private Jet Tour Visits World's Most Famous Landmarks
TCS Expeditions, through Hurlingham Travel, is offering the 25-day trip which takes in various icons in 8 outstanding countries - staying exclusively in Four Seasons Hotels throughout.

Research commissioned by TCS and conducted through VeryFirstTo aimed to establish which are the top global travel icons. The survey heralded the Eiffel Tower as the top world travel icon, followed by the Taj Mahal and Pyramids Of Giza.

The top 35 global travel icons include as varied a selection as: The Great Wall Of China; Tiananmen Square, China; the Grand Bazaar, Turkey; Marrakech Souks, Morocco; the Hermitage Museum, Russia; and Harvard University, Boston. All of these incredible places will be visited on The Global Icons Private Jet Tour - on a VIP Boeing 757 accompanied by a team of logistic experts who will take care of every detail from baggage handling to filling out landing cards; a doctor; a highly regarded lecturer; and a top photographer.

The tour begins on the 30th August in Seattle - the Emerald City where you will visit Pike Place Market and the site of the original Nordstrom's department store. From Seattle you will board your private jet to Tokyo where you will tour the stunning Giza shopping district including flagships for Cartier and Chanel. You can also take a short train to Kamakura, the former political centre, which is also the site of the 44-foot tall Great Buddha. Samurai sword fighting lessons are also included.

From Tokyo you will fly to China where you will experience the iconic Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Of course, you will also visit the Great Wall of China. You will jet into the Maldives, arriving on the island of Malé where you can take a short boat ride to Kuda Huraa. Over 700 species of fish and 37 species of shark await you in the beautiful waters of paradise.

In the Serengeti, Tanzania, you will have the best chance of seeing the “Big Five”: lions, leopards, cape buffalos, elephants and rhinos. Istanbul offers the chance to take in the wonders of the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque and the opulent Topkapi Palace.

The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg then awaits your arrival, as does the vast art collection within the stunning State Hermitage Museum located in the Winter Palace. On to magical and vibrant Marrakech to marvel at its souks, palace and mosques; as well as visit the beautiful Atlas Mountains beyond.

The wondrous world tour ends in Boston, a town steeped in history – Harvard and the Freedom Trail are just a few of the amazing locations you will visit to complete your tour of the travel icons of the world.

The Dates of the trip are August 30 – September 23, 2014

The cost includes privately chartered Boeing B757, Four Seasons accommodation (highest category standard room. Suites available at a suplement subject to availability), all passenger taxes and all land experiences including a personalised itinerary. The cost also includes all meals, transportation, beverages, tips and baggage handling.

The trip is limited to 56 guests.

Single occupancy carries a £5,340 (€6,575/$8,950) surcharge.


USA, Seattle
Japan, Tokyo
China, Beijing
Tanzania, Serengeti
Turkey, Istanbul
Russia, St. Petersburg
Morocco, Marrakech
USA, Boston


1. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
2. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
3. Taj Mahal, Agra, India
4. Machu Picchu, Peru
5. Times Square, New York, USA
6. Great Wall of China, Badaling, China
7. Statue of Liberty, New York, USA
8. The Colosseum, Rome, Italy
9. Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
11. The Vatican, Vatican City, Rome, Italy
12. Disney World, Florida, USA
13. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
14. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
15. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada & New York, USA
16. Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London, England
17. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA
18. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey
19. St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy
20. Hollywood sign, Hollywood, USA
21. Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA
22. Notre Dame, Paris, France
23. Empire State Building, New York, USA
24. The Alhambra, Granada, Spain
25. Trafalgar Square, London, England
26. The Forbidden City/Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
27. Grand Mosque, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
28. Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia
29. Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
30. Petra, Wadi Musa, Jordan
31. Temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt
32. Marrakech Souks, Marrakech, Morocco
33. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
34. Harvard University, Boston, USA
35. Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

The survey was conducted online on June 8th 2014 amongst 1,900 participants, all of which are VeryFirstTo members from across the globe.