Grand Hotel Portovenere Re-Opens for the Season in Italy's Cinque Terre

Grand Hotel Portovenere Re-Opens for the Season in Italy's Cinque Terre

Grand Hotel Portovenere is the only luxury hotel in Cinque Terre and Bay of Poets’ area between Liguria and Tuscany. Its spring reopening promises an exciting season for 2018: from the new gourmet menu inspired by the historic Grand Tour, to wine tastings and exclusive tours in La Spezia, to Bocelli’s Celebrity Fight Night – here is what you can experience during your next vacation in the Italian Riviera.

Palmaria Restaurant’s Menu inspired by the “Grand Tour”

Chef Francesco Parravicini and his young yet impressive team, along with restaurant manager Fausto Lembo, promise to delight and surprise visitors at Palmaria Restaurant.

The 2018 menu is inspired by the "Grand Tour", i.e. the long journey across the Old Continent undertaken in the seventeenth century by the European aristocracy in a quest to expand their knowledge. During the tour, travelers learned about the art, culture, food and lifestyle of the places they visited. Thanks to its rich history, delicious cuisine and beautiful architecture, Italy became one of the most popular destinations. Lord Byron himself crossed Italy passing through Portovenere. This is the concept behind Palmaria’s menu, which celebrates Italy’s great dishes as well as local protagonists from Liguria, such as octopus, anchovies and muscoli.

“Our point of strength remains the preference for light cooking and the choice of organic products” Chef Parravicini explains. “We have expanded the vegetarian and gluten-free menus as well, incorporating typical products from the surrounding regions of the Apennines. Our homage to the territory gives life to eclectic recipes”.

An exciting calendar of events

A variety of sports, gastronomy and cultural events will take place in Portovenere between spring and autumn. “Discover Portovenere Blog” will keep you updated will all the latest news and dates, so visit us regularly or sign up by email to receive notifications of our articles in your inbox.

Among the events that involve Grand Hotel Portovenere are: the Chocolate Taster Course organized by the International Institute of Chocolate Tasting; the presentation of the wine guide “Guida Vini Buoni d’Italia” (Touring Club Italiano) by famous sommelier Alessandro Scorsone; and an evening dedicated to Champagnes selected by Premiere.

Portovenere will be the stage for some circuits of international reach, such as the Terre di Canossa International Classic Cars Challenge (20 April) and the Celebrity Fight Night organized by Andrea Bocelli (6 September).

“Our role as leaders in the sector of luxury hospitality in Liguria has led us to strengthen our services for promoting the territory in its entirety” explains Cristina Raso, Communication and Marketing Manager at Grand Hotel Portovenere. “This is why we have conceived a series of exclusive experiences, such as visits to the Sciacchetrà vineyards in Cinque Terre, excursions to the Oyster Farms in La Spezia, and tours in the marble caves of Carrara. We will unveil many more initiatives that range from eno-gastronomy, to nature, to art.”

Grand Hotel Portovenere Special Reopening

This boutique hotel is one of the most prestigious properties in Liguria. Located in a historic building, Grand Hotel Portovenere offers a privileged venue for leisure vacations and business stays. It enjoys a panoramic location right in front of the harbor where ferries depart for the Bay of Poets and Cinque Terre.

In occasion of its Spring Reopening on 16 March 2018, it offers a special rate that guarantees 14% off the room and 20% off at lunch or dinner at Palmaria Restaurant. Book direct for free parking near Cinque Terre.