Havana by Bernhard Hartmann

Havana by Bernhard Hartmann
Now that this socialist island country is open once more, this picture will soon change. Now is the time to pause for a moment and take a closer look at Cuba's capital city. Bernhard Hartmann starts on the streets, showing us cafés, shops, and boxing clubs, but he also takes us behind the façades of the mansions, whose well-worn charms immediately captivate the viewer. Crumbling plaster, cracked walls, worn stair treads -- we see all of this in the pictures, and yet these places are vibrant and alive. Traces of bourgeois life, dignified and stylish, survive despite the adversity, masterfully captured in brilliant photographs.


• A portrait of Havana before it changes forever.
• A unique look inside the old mansions of the Cuban capital.
• Brilliant, detailed photographs that invite the viewer to linger and enjoy.

Bernhard Hartmann was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1955 and taught himself landscape and architectural photography while working at a newspaper and studying law. His photographs have appeared in solo and group exhibitions and in international publications.

Product details
Author: Bernhard Hartmann
Publisher: teNeues Media
Pages: 176 pp., 100 color photographs
Format: Hardcover with jacket
Publication Date: November 2016
Price: USD $65.00
ISBN: 3832734325

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Havana by Bernhard Hartmann

Top photo credit: La Guarida, La Habana Vieja, 2010, Photo © 2016 Bernhard Hartmann