Have My Room Offers Affordable Luxury and Prides Itself on Customer Satisfaction

Have My Room Offers Affordable Luxury and Prides Itself on Customer Satisfaction

Life is unpredictable and oftentimes throws curve balls to halt plans. Consider yourself fortunate if you have never had to cancel an arrangement and left with a hefty bill for accommodations that were never enjoyed. Have My Room is a new app that diminishes the troubles of non-refundable bookings. This company paves the way for a whole new type of hospitality and regard for its customers; their 24/7 service is unrivaled. Have My Room is committed to its customers and understands that sometimes life is messy.

Have My Room takes non-refundable rooms that remain unsold, despite cancellation or early departure, and exchanges the space to customers searching for a last-minute upgrade. The original purchaser gets a majority of their money back, and the new guest gets an opportunity at a top-rated hotel for a reduced price. Have My Room partnered with 300 of the best hotels, and their list is extending with its promising business model. Have My Room is sympathetic to the stress and irritation of wasting hard-earned money simply because of a change in plans, which is why they want to work their magic while you sit back and relax.

“The legacy we are trying to build is to simply go back to the basics,” CEO Antoine Poll said. “We care about our users, and if we can enable them to take time to recharge their battery without leaving them out of pocket while also creating priceless memories with their families or friends, then that will mean the world to us. At Have My Room, ‘Simply because your Holiday means the world to us’ is more than a slogan, it is the foundation and reason we created this business.”

Have My Room is the bridge between lodging and guests looking for affordable luxury. Their core values include customer focus (the customer is the boss), integrity, respect, constant improvements (good enough never is), and many others pertaining to outstanding customer service and unbeatable experience. Recently, Have My Room orchestrated a last minute special occasion reservation for a planned proposal.

“We made sure the respective hotel knew, and the couple was so impressed with our attention to detail,” Poll said. “They told us they had rarely seen a company so passionate about their customers, ones who go beyond the booking.”

Have My Room is expanding thanks to word of mouth from loyal and satisfied customers. The company hopes to cover 98 percent of hotels worldwide and make non-refundable rates a problem of the past, while simultaneously empowering other deal-seekers to benefit from an unexpected change of plan.

“We dive change with vigor,” Poll said.

Article by Dimetri Hogan