Heading on a Short Trip? Here is What You Can Wear

Heading on a Short Trip? Here is What You Can Wear

Don’t we all look forward to vacations? Whether long or short, a getaway is something that excites almost all of us. It is a chance to relax, indulges in something different, and be able to live our dreams. Being able to enjoy a trip means that you need to be in the right place at the right time. When the two come together, that’s when your holiday takes on new meaning. The only thing that can make a holiday even better is having packed right.

Packing for a short trip can be tricky—you need to travel light and still carry everything you might truly need. In terms of your clothes, you need to have enough options to cover all your bases—and you should be able to manage this without carrying all the clothes you own!

We bring you a list of great clothing options for your short trips and show you how a little planning and versatility can prepare you for all occasions and needs.

Packing Smart on Your Holiday

The key to packing right on your holiday is ensuring that you have clothes that can be worn differently. You want outfits that are casual and still attractive. In fact, you want to have clothes handy that can be worn to an unplanned party as well!

Here are some options that you can never go wrong with:

  • Track pants: Now, these are a must-have. You can wear them throughout the day and across all activities. They are ideal for colder months when you need extra insulation. The relaxed fit of track pants makes them ideal while driving or riding a bike, walking, relaxing by the pool, or even engaging in sport. The magic of track pants is that they can make a stylish dressing option for a casual party as well!
  • Bomber jackets: A bomber jacket keeps you warm without being too bulky and uncomfortable. Of course, we cannot forget to mention that it also makes you look stylish effortlessly. Bomber jackets are very handy since you can wear them by themselves on a day that’s slightly warmer or under a tee when you feel the extra nip in the air. The zipper and pockets of bomber jackets are handy and also add a touch of style to your look!
  • Full sleeve t-shirts: Your packing is incomplete without at least one full sleeve t-shirt. The reason you need enough of these is that they look amazing and feel so comfortable! They can be worn right through the day without making you feel sweaty or irritable and are perfect for colder days when you need extra protection. If you intend to engage in physical activity or sport, these make a stylish statement and keep you from grazing your elbows and arms.

Half sleeve t-shirt: If you are heading for a short trip or a weekend getaway these half sleeves t-shirts are the perfect ones to wear while traveling. It is important to feel comfortable while traveling and what better than a cool t-shirt? Well, nothing beats the comfort of a t-shirt and especially lightweight and rich cotton fabric.

  • Hoodies: If you miss out on a hoodie, you haven’t packed right. While we are tempted to tell you that you need more than one, what we can safely say is that you need to carry at least one hoodie no matter where you go or for how long. Hoodies make the perfect travel companion and can do so much for you! Other than performing their obvious role of keeping you warm and making you look attractive, hoodies can help you carry your essentials, protect your hair, and also make for a great cushion when you roll it up and place it under your head. After all, short trips are all about improvising and getting more mileage from your stuff! And remember, we did tell you that hoodies for men are nothing short of magic.

While you may have your basic packing in place, it is important to remember a few things while planning a short trip. Try and choose dark-colored clothing. For one, they make a stronger statement—and fashion does come above all else. Dark clothes also tend to be stainless and can be worn comfortably through the day, keeping you looking fresh (again, fashion does trump everything!). Dark clothes are easier to maintain and tend to be warmer, giving you the protection you need.

The picks of this season are filled with great options that can help you look fashion-forward and holiday-ready at all times of the day. Whether long or short, you can be ready for any trip that awaits you!