Heli Skiing in Greenland, A Bucket List Worthy Luxury Winter Adventure

Heli Skiing in Greenland, A Bucket List Worthy Luxury Winter Adventure

Greenland may be the ultimate heli skiing adventure--treeless landscapes, rugged raw beauty and an ends-of-the-earth feel that’s unlike anywhere else. Vast glaciated peaks and unnamed runs descend into ice-filled fjords. Flying out over gleaming icebergs on your way to the mountains, you'll often spot the native Greenlandic people on their dog sleds traversing the ice floes, hunting seals or whales or muskox. Polar bears are prowling these ice floes too.

“It’s the only heli ski destination in the world where you need to ski with a gun,” says Matt Edwards, lead guide for Expedition Engineering, an outfitter that has been pioneering heli ski tours to East Greenland since 2015. “Polar bears are sometimes hanging around the pickup points,” he explains, but he’s never had to use the Remington .30-06 rifle he skis with.

On down days when the helicopter can’t fly due to weather, which averages about once per week, local dogsled operators from the nearby village can be hired to take the guests out for a tour. It is a totally chaotic and adventurous experience, as the dogs are excited and often fight with other dog teams.

The combination of stunning scenery, arctic wildlife, Greenlandic culture and world-class adventure skiing has made heli-skiing in Greenland a true bucket list experience.

Greenland is open for travel for fully-vaccinated international visitors. Expedition Engineering’s 8-day East Greenland Heli Ski trip, includes a helicopter flight from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq, accommodation, meals, ACMG guides and avalanche safety equipment. Cost is € 8500 (discounted from € 10,500), dates are March 11-18, 2022.