Here’s How to Security-proof Your Hotel Room

Here’s How to Security-proof Your Hotel Room

Hotel guests are being told how to security-proof their rooms to prevent thieves from breaking in.

The team at Online-Bedrooms have revealed six ways to tightly secure hotel rooms and personal items whilst on holiday.

Hotel rooms are generally equipped with an automatic locking system as well as a bolt-locked safe to secure all personal belongings.

Some hotels are at serious risk of break-ins as hackers have found new ways to exploit door locks by creating master keys which give them full access to a room.

This is more likely to happen in hotels with more modern, electronic lock systems.

Those traveling alone or with families might find extra comfort in security-proofing their rooms with a door wedge or portable locks.

The experts are advising guests to check their door locks as they arrive at their hotel and to never leave valuables in their suitcases.

Nic Shacklock, from Online-Bedrooms, said: “Staying in a foreign place can cause some stress for some people, especially those traveling alone or with young children.

“For your own peace of mind, you might want to take some extra precautions when arriving at your hotel so you can enjoy your holiday without being overly worried about your belongings in your room.

“Door wedges are a great hack to prevent someone from being able to open the door from the outside. They’re also small and lightweight meaning they’re super easy to travel with.

“Another security measure you can take is covering the peephole on your door. You can usually use anything for this like a bit of tissue or even a plaster.”

Here’s how to security-proof a hotel room:

1. Check the lock when you arrive

Upon arrival always check to make sure the lock on your door works. The sooner you spot the problem the sooner someone will be able to come and fix it. If you wait until the evening you run the risk of the hotel staff not having anyone on hand to resolve the issue.

2. Pack a door wedge

Many solo travelers pack a door wedge on their trips as a way to provide some extra security to their room. As long as your hotel door opens from the inside, you can place a door wedge underneath it to stop it from being opened on the other end.

3. Portable locks

Portable locks are small and lightweight making them great for traveling. Although your hotel room will have locks, bringing a portable one often gives people peace of mind knowing that no one can open the lock apart from them. Most portable locks only work on doors that open inward.

4. Cover peepholes

If there are peepholes in your door then you may want to cover it to prevent anyone from being able to look inside the room. You can cover this with whatever you have available.

5. Place an ironing board against the door

Travelers have been sharing this hack online that involves using an ironing board to prevent a hotel door from being opened from the outside. Take the ironing board from your hotel room and open it up about halfway, then place one of the bottom legs underneath the door handle and prop the ironing board up.

6. Be mindful of suitcases

Never leave a suitcase open on display when leaving the room and avoid leaving important personal items in there when you leave the room. Locking the suitcase may prompt someone to steal the entire thing with the hope that something valuable is inside. Keep passports and money secure in the safe provided.