High-Roller Experiences in Swiss Casinos

High-Roller Experiences in Swiss Casinos

The best casinos in Switzerland are known to cater to high-rollers. Learn about the best, premium high-roller experiences in Swiss casinos in our review.

Located in the middle of Europe, Switzerland is known as a gambling haven for gamblers from all around the world. One of the main charms of Swiss gambling are the best high-roller experiences in Swiss casinos. High-roller casinos in Switzerland are known for the incredible allure for all those that are prepared to wager huge bets – with private gambling rooms, VIP perks and lots of high-octane gambling action. You can learn more about the best Swiss high-roller gambling experiences by reading the rest of our review.

Understanding High-Roller Experiences

High-rollers are easy to define. These are persons that are prepared to spend large sums of money for the purpose of gambling. As such, these gamblers are catered to by the casino personnel. They get access to lots of perks and exclusive privileges that remain inaccessible to regular gamblers. This includes personalized service, access to luxurious amenities and even free private jet transfers. And that’s just for starters, as there are lots of other perks that high-rollers can look forward to at the best Swiss casinos:

Luxury rooms and suites,
Fine dining and drinking the best wines,
Access to the best shows and entertainment.

To round things off, many of the top-rated Swiss casinos offer extended lines of credit to high rollers. This is a controversial subject – but many of the highest of high rollers have been known to use this offer and continue to play with borrowed money. It’s certainly a perk that’s not available to every player.

The Swiss Casino Landscape

Land-based casinos in Switzerland are operated and owned by private companies. Visitors can find lots of classic casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slot games. However, if a land-based casino operator is to offer gambling services legally, then the operator needs to acquire a license first.

There are two types of licenses – A and B. The A license gives casino operators permission to host no limit gambling games with unlimited stakes. These casinos are only allowed in places where the population is over a million people. The licensing of land-based casinos is regulated under the Money Gaming Act (MGA).

But what Switzerland is known for are the many top-tier, world-class casinos that visitors can go to. These include:

Grand Casino Luzern,
Grand Casino Bern,
Casino Schaffhausen,
Casino St. Gallen.

In total, there are 21 casinos in Switzerland. The neat thing about them is that they’re located in 21 different cantons - which means that 5 cantons don’t have a casino.

Swiss casinos are known for their high-level sophistication, elegance and high-end offerings for high-rollers. This is why they’re some of the most renowned casinos in the entire world. Not to be outdone though, there are also fully licensed online casinos in Switzerland as well – you can check them out in the list of the best online casinos Switzerland according to ParkU.

Top-2 High-Roller Casinos in Switzerland

In this section, we’ll get to discuss and analyse the merits and advantages of the top 2 high-roller casinos in Switzerland.

Casino Barrière Montreux

Casino Barrière Montreux is one of the biggest and most popular land-based casinos in Switzerland. Located near Chillon Castle, on the shores of Lake Geneva, this is also one of the oldest casinos in the country, dating back to 1881. Whales and cheetahs have lots and lots of games available where they can gamble their money – including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slots.

The casino takes the best of both worlds when it comes to the old and new. It has that old class and style that’s not at all easy to create, but it’s also open to new and modern innovations in architecture. It’s also said that this was Freddie Mercury’s favorite casino in Switzerland – and the place hosts an annual party for Frieddie’s birthday, to this date. There’s even a statue of Freddy Mercury, with a free Queen exhibit, as well. There are also lots of entertainment and shows that high-rollers are given access to. And of course, there’s the gorgeous Chillon Castle that can be visited for incredible sight-seeing.

In fact, high rollers can expect to be pampered by the casino staff. There are several exclusive high-roller lounges, as well as private gaming rooms and VIP services. The staff is especially helpful and eager to meet all needs of high roller patrons. Lastly, in terms of cuisine and dining, Casino Barrière Montreux has top-quality food and dining options for all its high-roller patrons and visitors.

Casino Lugano

Casino Lugano is even elder than the previous entry on our list, Casino Barrière Montreux. Casino Lugano was created all the way back in 1804. At one point, it was a theatrical venue. But arguably the best thing about Casino Lugano is the availability of high-roller prizes for the luckiest players that are willing to risk it all. The grand jackpot prizes amount to well over 1 million Swiss francs for some games.

That being said, there are lots of games for high rollers. This includes American and French roulette, blackjack, chemin de fer, punto banco and poker – whereas there are also high-level tournaments for some of these games, especially poker. All these games are known for their high betting limits (in some cases, no limits). High rollers are always catered to by VIP service and dedicated hosts, and they are offered luxurious accommodation and access to world-class entertainment.

As far as amenities go, there’s the always accessible Elementi restaurant. Back in 2020, this restaurant was given the coveted Traveler’s Choice Award. There’s lots of tasty food that’s available to high-rollers, including classic veal, king prawns and linguine. Of course, there’s top quality wine, whisky and beer to everyone’s heart’s content. Players can also go and visit the Museo delle Culture for sight-seeing.

High-Roller Packages and Privileges

As mentioned previously, high rollers get access to premium-level perks and amenities at the top casinos in Switzerland. This includes customized and personalized high-roller packages, depending on the unique preferences, needs and personality of the high roller in question. For starters, high rollers are known to get personalized VIP service at all times. This includes 24/7 concierge services, as well as access to luxurious accommodation and suits for the duration of their stay.

If high rollers need to travel anywhere or get to the casino location, they can use private jets funded by the casino operators. They can even use luxurious land transportation at all times. Best of all, high rollers will have access to exclusive tournaments and private rooms for gambling. This includes high-level roulette, blackjack and poker rooms and no-limit tables.

Fine dining is very important to high-rollers, which is why casino operators make it a habit of getting premium-grade food and drink available, for free. There’s also world-class entertainment with frequent shows hosted and where high-rollers get exclusive access. The top casinos in Switzerland are known to be located near important landmarks, worthy of a visit. High-rollers also get access to spa and sauna treatment.

Final Thoughts

Between the availability of extravagant, high-roller gambling, the stunning locations, and the top-notch hospitality – we can hardly recommend the top high-roller Switzerland casinos to players more. There are some incredible amenities and perks that are only accessible to the highest of high-rollers, including fine dining, entertainment, luxurious accommodation and transportation, and so much more. Best of all, the top casinos in Switzerland are known for the incredible atmosphere and style which they exude to all visitors. So, we encourage you to visit these casinos yourself and have a go at the high-roller gambling tables. It’s an experience unlike any other.