Hiking and Backpacking through Ireland in Winter: All You Need to Know

Hiking and Backpacking through Ireland in Winter: All You Need to Know

Backpacking is starting to become more and more popular among people of all ages. But when you think about backpacking, you’re probably thinking about a summer trip. While summer means lighter clothes, easier packing and coat-free traveling, winter backpacking can be just as fun, especially in a destination like Ireland. In this article we’re gonna talk about backpacking through Ireland during the cold season and give you some advice on how to make the most of your adventure.

Transportation: train journey or road trip?

When it comes to exploring Ireland during the winter, choosing the right transportation is very important if you want a memorable backpacking experience. While Ireland's size makes it perfect for road trips, the natural landscapes and small villages make train journeys a tempting option as well. If you choose the train journey, you can relax and take in the lovely countryside without the worry of driving on unfamiliar roads. On the other hand, a road trip gives you the freedom to explore hidden gems and stop whenever and wherever you want. The most important things to consider are your preferences, the places you want to visit, and your comfort level with driving on the left side of the road.

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Pack smart

While winter backpacking in Ireland has its unique charm, the weather can be unpredictable. Pack smart by including layers, waterproof pieces, and sturdy hiking boots to stay comfortable and dry if you plan any outdoor adventures. For a high quality piece that also brings you into the Irish charm, consider a traditional Aran sweater: https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/apparel-knitwear Don't forget essentials like a travel adapter, power bank, and a good water bottle. Plan your wardrobe with a mix of warm sweaters, waterproof jackets, and quick-drying clothes to adapt to changing weather conditions. Make sure you consider your journey when packing and you have a good outfit choice for every activity.

Best views

Winter in Ireland means a breathtaking landscape of misty hills, beautiful greenery, and lakes. To make the most of your backpacking adventure, plan some iconic scenic views in your trip. The Cliffs of Moher, are a very popular destination as they will give you a show of the crashing waves of the Atlantic. You can also hike to the summit of Croagh Patrick if you want a more active trip. Whatever you choose to include in your itinerary, Ireland is sure to charm you even in the chilly months of winter, so zip up your jacket and get ready for the adventure.