Holidays in Paros, Greece: Planning an Unforgettable Experience

Holidays in Paros, Greece: Planning an Unforgettable Experience

According to recent studies, Greece attracts well over 25 million tourists annually (1). Many of these individuals flock to the island of Paros and this location will undoubtedly provide memories to last a lifetime. Let's take a look at how to plan ahead in order to enjoy this paradise in style.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Paros?

Nestled within the cerulean blue waters of the Aegean Sea, Paros primarily enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It tends to be defined by relatively hot summers and mild winters. Note that the summer months (between early June and late August) also tend to attract the highest number of tourists.

It is therefore better to visit either in the late spring or the early autumn. The weather will be quite amenable and you are less likely to encounter throngs of visitors during your stay. Furthermore, it is often possible to encounter lower prices in regard to dining and accommodations.

Enjoy the High Life During Your Stay

One of the best ways to make the most out of what Paros has to offer involves choosing the most appropriate accommodations. This is why a growing number of astute visitors opt for private rental properties. Such locations provide splendid views of the natural environment, they offer superior levels of privacy and a host of modern comforts ensure that a personalized experience is never called into question.

Furthermore, these properties offer bespoke solutions in regard to the number of guests and their location; offering an unsurpassed sense of charm while still addressing day-to-day practicality. Thanks to the professionals at Villa Rentals Greece, it has never been easier to find your Luxury villa in Paros.

Surf, Sand and Sun

It should come as no great surprise that Paros has become internationally recognized for its pristine beaches. These tend to be accessible throughout the year and they represent ideal getaways for the entire family. Some of the most well-known stretches of coastline include:

  • Parasporos Beach
  • Kolymbithres Beach
  • New Golden Beach
  • Livadia Beach
  • Chrissi Akti Beach

Many of these likewise offer tourist-friendly amenities such as changing rooms, parasol rentals and nearby restaurants. Of course, it is always a good idea to perform additional research to determine which one is the most convenient based on your location.

Experience the Cosmopolitan Side of Paros

There is little doubt that tourists will be immediately attracted to the natural beauty of Paros. However, we should still mention that this island is just famous for its unique urban culture. The city of Naoussa is a shining example.

Naoussa is the second-largest city on the island and it is also home to a plethora of upscale restaurants. These represent an excellent opportunity to appreciate Greek cuisine as well as to enjoy second-to-none levels of customer service.

When the sun dips below the horizon, Naoussa becomes a haven for those who are attracted to bustling nightlife. There are plenty of high-end clubs and relaxing lounges to wile away the hours; both stunning ways to create yet even more memories.

Paros: An Island Steeped in History

While the modern delights of Paros cannot be denied, its ancient roots are just as impressive to behold. The good news is that visitors can enjoy up-close-and-personal views of some truly stunning attractions. Consider adding these locations into your itinerary (2):

  • The Temple of Ekatontapiliani
  • Delos Cemetery (dating from the second century BCE)
  • Palaiopyrgos Tower
  • Koukounaries (an ancient Myceneaen acropolis)
  • The ancient mediaeval ruins found atop Kastro Hill

It is once again a good idea to perform additional research, as some of these locations will require a tour guide to access.

A Bit of Preparation Will Go a Long Way

Paros continues to attract countless visitors and there is no doubt that its popularity will continue to increase. Do not hesitate to bookmark this page or to use the suggestions outlined above for inspiration when needed. You will be amazed with what is in store.



Image credit: Ievgen Skrypko©/AdobeStock