Hollywood Holistic Spa Face of Jules Embraces Self-Confidence Through the Power of Skincare

Hollywood Holistic Spa Face of Jules Embraces Self-Confidence Through the Power of Skincare

While skincare has been an integral part of the beauty marketplace for more than a century, dermatological products and treatments have surged in popularity over recent years into a bona fide cultural phenomenon. With clear, glowing skin acting as a clear visual signifier of its owner’s general health and wellness, it's not difficult to see why adopting a diligent skincare routine has become an integral aspect of most modern consumers’ daily routines – especially given its confidence-boosting properties.

According to a study conducted by the Tagore Medical College and Hospital, acne and other skin blemishes distinctly affect people’s overall self-image, causing many of those with visible skin conditions to shy away from social events, physically diminutive themselves through subconscious body language, and live a fear-based life stemming from their lack of confidence in their dermal situation. Based on responses to the Dermatology life Quality Index (DLQI), thirty-seven percent of surveyed consumers admitted that their skin status had a negative effect on their overall quality of life, a correlation Tagore Medical College researchers found to be statistically significant. This trend is only exacerbated in locations that put exaggerated importance on physical beauty, much like Hollywood, where the pressure to be perfect overwhelmingly impacts even the world’s most attractive stars’ mental health.

One such brand shifting the paradigm of dermal self-confidence is Los Angeles holistic facial spa Face of Jules, whose CEO and eponymous founder Jules understands just how important it is to feel good in your own skin. Exclusively using natural products and utilizing the best of state-of-the-art technology, Face of Jules’ methodology delicately blends science and aesthetics together to boost the appearance of its clients’ skin through these cutting-edge treatments and nuanced nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, altering the way they carry themselves and view themselves in the mirror as a result.

For many of Face of Jules’ patients, this newfound skin security has had life-altering effects, turning many clients into loyal, long-term customers. From confidence to posture to body language, the impact of Face of Jules’ meticulous care to clear up its patients’ dermal issues is overwhelmingly evident, causing some clients to even break down and cry to Jules and her team out of gratitude for their newfound positive self-image. After years of making a name for herself in Hollywood’s competitive skincare industry and building Face of Jules into one of L.A.’s most popular facial spas, helping her patients achieve their goals become one of the most rewarding aspects of Jules’ flourishing career, evolving her passion for skincare beyond business and into a true altruistic experience.

As one of the early adopters of the trending dermaplaning technique, Face of Jules’ non-invasive facial razoring treatment has become one of the most sought-after services of the Hollywood spa, allowing products to absorb better, giving the face a smoother, peach-fuzz-free look while diminishing the visibility of wrinkles and stimulating cell turnover – resulting in glowing, young skin. Similarly offering chemical peels and microdermabrasion to ultimately increase skin vitality, oxygen therapy for a boost of dermal hydration, and DMK Enzyme – which detoxifies the skin to bring it back to the functionality of youthful days past – Face of Jules’ curated menu of the best and brightest skin treatments has culminated in a roster of clientele with happy and healthy skin.

But what has really made Face of Jules impactful to its clientele is Jules’ commitment to changing her patients’ skin health from the inside out, using natural holistic techniques and bespoke dietary recommendations to change her clients’ entire wellbeing. While certain foods, products, and hormone imbalances can trigger inflammation and unwanted reaction on the epidermis, Jules and her team’s expert knowledge helps target these problem-causing nuisances at their roots, supercharging the skin – and confidence – toward new levels of prosperity.

With mental health awareness and the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle on the rise throughout popular choice, thought-leaders like Jules and her eponymous facial spa are setting a new standard of dermatological wellness for this generation of consumers, catalyzing a lasting change for clientele on both the inside and out.

Article By Kelin Dillon