Hong Kong's Landmark Mandarin Oriental to Host Masters of Mixology

Hong Kong's Landmark Mandarin Oriental to Host Masters of Mixology
For three nights only, MO Bar will create events and experiences, taking inspiration from glamorous cultures around the world.

The masters include Eben Freeman (New York City), who has over 20 years experience in some of New York's best bars including Spring Lounge, The Collins Bar and wd-50. Thoroughly versed in the language of wine, spirits and classic cocktails, Freeman's innovative cutting-edge drinks which employed the latest scientific methods earned him international acclaim.

Brian Miller (New York City) was nominated for “International Bartender of the Year” in 2010. Miller has been creating unique cocktails for the last 17 years. He is renowned for his time at Pegu and Death and Co., considered to be one of the best cocktail bars in the world. While he was head bartender there, it won Best American Cocktail Bar and World's Best Cocktail Menu. He was also credited with starting the Tiki Bar movement in New York after spending six months in Maui where he immersed himself in Tiki culture.

Marshall Altier (New York City) is a writer, bartender and enthusiast at-large of all things epicurean. Part of a small group of mixologists known for helping to break down the walls between the kitchen, bar and market, he has worked with luminaries of the culinary world such as Marco Canora, Zak Pelaccio and Sam Mason and has been on the opening teams of a list of New York's top cocktail haunts, including Death and Co., Tailor, BoBo, Crosby Bar and 1534.

Michael Madrusan (Melbourne) has created cocktails in Australia, London and New York with some of the world's best mixologists. On the original bar team at PDT in New York with Jim Meehan, Madrusan quickly rose to fame during his time at Milk & Honey and Little Branch. Having focused on the renaissance of the speakeasy movement for the past five years, he is currently opening the newest branch of the Milk & Honey family of bars in Melbourne.

Shoki Sato (Osaka) owns Beso in Osaka. Sato is not only an award-winning mixologist with his own bar and restaurant, he has also trained many of Japan's best mixologists who have gone on to open their own successful bars. An ardent believer of fusing tradition with new techniques, Sato's innovative cocktails satisfy all five senses with each sip while respecting the age-old traditions of Japan.

With a different theme every night, each master mixologist will have a chance to showcase their specialty using high-end premium spirits and the best of luxury ingredients and flavors. On June 15, guests will experience “The Creation of the Pre-Prohibition Years” with Madrusan, who will take guests back to the times of pre-prohibition with classic cocktails crafted from the finest spirits, homemade bitters and hand-carved ice.

On June 16, they'll explore the coming together of East and West with Freeman and Sato, who will showcase the best of East and West, using local ingredients. On June 17, Miller brings the world of Tiki drinks to Hong Kong with rum-, tequila- and mescal-based cocktails in Polynesian style. The other masters will also perform their takes on the theme while MO Bar's experts will bring back the Old Fashioned Experience with the classic Old Fashioned cocktail using different premium brown spirits.

This year MO Bar will also take mixology to the next level with three special cocktail pairing dinners in MO Bar's intimate upstairs Shell area. During the five-course dinner for 12 guests, each course will be paired with cocktails from two of the masters who will stay tableside to create unique cocktails for the guests throughout the dinner. The masters will showcase the latest trends and use cutting-edge techniques to revive classic cocktails, all made with a typical MO Bar twist. The cocktail dinner will indulge all the senses through special recipes, aromas, textures, appearance and even the sounds made. Cocktail aficionados will welcome the chance to discuss mixology with the masters one-on-one.

With only one table for 12 guests ($1,866 plus 10 percent service charge) available per night, guests who wish to experience this original experience are advised to make advanced bookings. For more information, call 011 852 2132 0077 or visit www.mandarinoriental.com/landmark.